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EDClass is an online platform that offers a virtual learning classroom and management portal to break down all learning barriers for anyone. EDClass produced by EDLounge, has been providing an Ofsted rated, robust and safeguarded online alternative provision for over 12 years delivering personalised learning for remote, blended and flexible learning. Ofsted on July 24-25th  2019 stated that we are:

"an independent training provider that offers online learning through a virtual learning environment, with face-to-face teacher support” 

Since the Ofsted visit, we have been developing the platform so it can be tailormade for your remote education and teaching methods to meet all your needs. All whilst adhering to safeguarding, teaching regulations and government requirements.

EDClass has over a decade of experience delivering remote education world wide. We have a virtual library of more than 1000+ on-demand pre-recorded lessons and pathways delivered by our teachers already for learners to access. The EDClass system comprises over 12,000 interactive and supported lessons. The lessons are in subjects such as English, Maths, Science and other core areas. All lessons are for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and are ready and waiting to be accessed by you!

At EDClass, we find that individualised learning is the most effective way to catch up and assist. We provide a unique approach that includes testing, gap analysis, diagnostic tests and exams. Alongside this, there is teacher led, continuous and structured assessment for evidence. This creates a unique a personalised learning pathway enabling students to catch up or address gaps in knowledge. All whilst maintaining evidence throughout your impactful learning.

Pupils can access tests, assessments and on-demand lessons with qualified teachers and support in a safe and secure learning environment, in and outside of school hours.  There is personalised or group live timetabled sessions available for additional learning so any educational barrier has a positive outcome.

The 12,000 video lessons, pathways and online lessons are available for your children, learners and classes. Each lesson contains content relating to relevant EnglishMaths, Science and other core subjects. Our learning content works in a combination of live teaching, on-demand sessions and pre recorded virtual teaching sessions that supports and meets the needs of many different learners. To view these lessons and our library of interactive lessons click here. 

Learners can progress at their optimum achievable rate with live teaching and support via our remote education package. Our collaborative platform entails text-based, video, and audio communications with robust safeguarding procedures in place to track attendance, achievement and attainment. The new EDClass platform offers interactive teaching through secure video conferencing, screen sharing and scenario based learning tasks that are within timetabled, live or on-demand sessions whether it is our teachers or your establishment. 

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EDClass works in partnership with your school and your preferred remote education delivery. It works the same for students educated at home, parents wanting extra work or for international students with or without teachers with support and tuition available. The EDClass team of experienced teachers, support workers, wellbeing officers and tutors use the innovative remote education classroom to deliver face to face, live, timetabled or on-demand sessions for a range of abilities in a secure, safeguarded and virtual learning platform. Any individual can access these any time they are scheduled or when timetabled.

School teachers and staff can use the same virtual platform to deliver their own sessions in exactly the same way for as many pupils as they wish. There is also an on-demand virtual library which hosts pre-recorded video lessons delivered by our teachers. This allows pupils to access any extra tuition or to simply view a session taught by someone's completely different pedagogy, which may engage and challenge the pupil further.

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Now your establishment can use our platform and virtual teaching classroom and incorporate it for your whole school remote education delivery to as many different cohorts. 

How we break learning barriers 

Let us create an outstanding remote, safe and secure education provision together where every child has a virtual seat to learn in. 

How the seats work

Our virtual classroom can address the following issues:

  • Catch up delivery and sessions for missed learning
  • Missed Safeguarding issues
  • Students experiencing separation anxiety
  • Dealing with a new form of low level disruptive and poor behaviour
  • COVID-19, threatening and negative behaviour resulting in isolation, fixed term exclusion or possible permanent exclusion
  • Having a positive alternative provision where students are learning  
  • Staff absences and staff shielding 
  • Delivering sessions to students who have not got a specialist teacher or tutor (such as cover / staff illness)
  • Class and Year bubbles
  • Teachers' safety when rotating and students remain inside a fixed classroom.
  • Isolation and exclusion with live teaching and well-being support
  • Assessing and tracking students accurately and continuously
  • Knowing how far your students are behind
  • A local lockdown
  • Poor student attendance
  • Safeguarding learners with mental health issues
  • Being ready for an inspection
  • Tuition and tutoring programmes
  • Educating those students whose parents refuse them to come back or shielding
  • Offering a Continuous Curriculum delivery
  • Rural delivery to students
  • One to one support to small classroom delivery
  • SEND / CAMHS support
  • Moving around the building safely
  • Being prepared for exams

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You have got your classroom delivery sorted, you are doing a fabulous job - let us educate those students not in your classroom. We can work in partnership with your school so that your staff and support workers can deliver remote education to all. You can also create a rota and timetable system system for your teachers online to deliver to all students where it is your teachers that rotate online and deliver sessions virtually live or on-demand. For example:

Our extra support

EDClass will be happy to help support your school using our new range of products with students across many different needs.

  • catch up
  • additional learning assistance
  • mental health problems
  • long-term illness
  • in isolation
  • excluded
  • 6th-day provision
  • home-educated
  • persistently absent
  • school phobic
  • vulnerable
  • at risk
  • foundation and Functional Skills learners
  • disengaged
  • demotivated
  • low-level literacy or numeracy

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Our promise

EDClass WILL remain open and continue to support your students regardless of lockdowns caused by the pandemic!

We have the facility for staff to return to working from home hastily ensuring there is no time where our support is not available to your students. All whilst remaining compliant with Government guidelines and The World Health Organisations recommendations to ensure our team are safe.

During lockdown we continued to trade with no break in service as our dedicated team moved from our head office to working from home. We are all now back in the office but have become adaptable and versatile to ensure our service to our customers is exceptional regardless of whatever happens next with the pandemic.

We have our tried, tested and successful contingency plan in place. Make EDClass part of yours.

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Providing outstanding products and value for money.


We break barriers to learning for all. We provide access and opportunity to educate and recognise the whole learner. We work as an organisation and individually to the best of our ability, putting the customer’s needs at the heart of everything we do.


We do what we say we will. Our organisation is built on honesty and transparency. We are reliable.


We work together as a team. We value and respect each other and our customer.


All those who come into contact with us – matter.


We believe as an organisation that learning should have NO limits. We raise aspirations through innovative teaching and learning solutions.