About Us

What is EDClass?

EDClass is a powerful toolbox with a variety of tools that can assist your school and multi-academy trust with personalised learning, scheduled pathways of study and timetabled support for any individual within your organisation. EDClass demonstrates our ability to educate students from your demographic through remote learning. EDClass provides real-time access to qualified and experienced teachers. You can also use your own teachers to deliver sessions.

EDClass is an online alternative provision platform designed especially for Multi-Academy Trusts and schools. We have a proven track record of delivering an Alternative Provision successfully to schools and now we have a solution to impact your whole school by opening the content and resources to all students.

Use our Live Teaching platform to teach those students who are hard to reach, excluded, have mental health issues such as anxiety, behavioural issues, have problems with their physical health, have poor attendance or are school phobic. You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that safeguarding is our number one priority – our system is designed to provide eyes-on learning, meaning your students are supervised, safeguarded and supported while continuing their education.

Ask us about our observation areas that enable your authorised staff to see your students working at home and to monitor their learning through our tracking system. In fact, with EDClass, you are able to monitor and track any of your offsite students’ learning from any school in your trust.

Diagram showing live, timetabled lessons recorded by UK-Qualified trachers for students in alernative provision

You can personalise the learning of any student on the platform – a student using the system occupies a ‘seat’ - students can be alternated on a seat meaning you decide the times a student engages with their ‘pathway’ of lessons. You also choose the method of curriculum delivery, the teaching content and the lessons in the pathway.

We are proven to:

  • Provide an Alternative Provision for all your schools under one central platform
  • Increase attainment and attendance
  • Deliver whole-school improvement
  • Achieve positive outcomes trust-wide
  • Improve behaviour and intervention strategies
  • Reduce Exclusions

Get the very best from EDClass and save budget by transferring seats you purchase between schools in your trust or authority. Purchase fewer seats and switch them between schools as demand for them changes.

Diagram showcasing the large bank of lessons available on EDCLaass (17,000) that includes video lessons,games and quizzes. EDClass has over 225,000 questions and is available 24/7.

EDClass offers students live and live-streamed lessons and tutorial support through a unique virtual/distance learning and online alternative provision.

The platform incorporates a robust, safeguarded and supervised portal for a range of students, such as those who are:

  • fixed-term excluded
  • suspended
  • home-educated
  • on short-term alternative provision
  • distance learners
  • 6th-day provision
  • remote learners
  • school phobic
  • in inclusion units
  • students with mental health issues
  • in need of one-to-one tuition
  • studying for a qualification
  • vulnerable to exploitation outside of school
  • low literacy/numeracy
  • on a GCSE catch-up programme 
Increase Attainment, Deliver School Improvement, Achieve Outcomes in Isolation and Detention, Address Knowledge Gaps, Monitor Quality of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning,Improve Behaviour, Offer a Positive Alternative Provision, Reduce Exclusions, Provide a Remote Education Plan, 6th day Provision. All with EDClass.