Alternative Provision

EDClass offers your organisation an alternative practice and ways of educating a range of learners before entering an Alternative Provision.

The system can be used prior to the Alternative Provision by offering:

  • remote learning
  • virtual learning
  • off-site learning
  • adult learning
  • core, academic and vocational learning
  • catch up learning
  • transition
  • whole school provision
  • virtual learning environment
  • management platform
  • assessment
  • homework
  • revision
  • exams

The diagram below show how EDClass is being used in many ways for alternative provision using Remote education via our interactive blended learning approach.

This is how the our one to one tutoring works for each learner when working with our live or on demand teaching staff. You can use EDClass as your alternative provision for any type of distance learning tool. Your staff can use it for pastoral, behavioural or for curriculum catch up delivery.  The diagram shows how every one involved can see progress, attainment and where each learner is safely working. We pride ourselves on our safeguarding. This identifies how we securely educate the learners. Safeguarding is our key element.  All our staff:

  • are recruited in line with our Safer Recruitment Policy
  • are Enhanced DBS checked
  • are COVID 19 Psychological first aid trained
  • are Trained to DSL level
  • for example all our teaching staff, support staff and HLTAs are list 99 checked
  • have strong relationships with local authorities

We have over 12,000 lessons and the diagram above identifies how many aspects EDClass can become involved with, not just being your alternative provision. There are a range of approaches with EDClass being used for isolation, exclusion, 6th day provision, detention and behaviour but much, much more. 

To view how our packages and seating system works click here and safeguarding here for your alternative provision.

The diagram below shows how EDClass is used in your alternative curriculum so everything is accountable.