Alternative Provision

EDClass offers your organisation an alternative practice and ways of educating a range of learners before entering an alternative provision. We have over 12,000 lessons and 2000+ hybrid lessons with our teachers who are on hand to teach and support your learners - they are available on demand when the learner requests help or sat a EDClass seat where they receive face to face support.  The system can be used prior to the alternative provision by offering content, support, teachers, safeguarding and support for:

- remote and hybrid learning- intervention - transition- catch up learning
- virtual learning- focus groups- off-site learning- behaviour repair delivery
- short term learning - home learning- target groups- distance learners
- summer school learning- additional literacy - stretch and challenge- testing and revision
- core, academic and vocational learning- learning for detentions- transitional learning- inclusion and isolation resources
- 6th day provision- behaviour control- exclusion- missed learning
- assessment offsite- flexible time table- out of hour learning- pupil premium learners

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The diagram below show how EDClass is being used in many ways for alternative provision using remote education via our interactive blended learning approach.

This is how our one-to-one tutoring works for each learner when working with our live or on-demand teaching staff. You can use EDClass as your alternative provision for any type of distance learning tool.  We pride ourselves on our safeguarding. All our staff:

  • are recruited in line with our Safer Recruitment Policy
  • are Enhanced DBS checked
  • are COVID 19 Psychological first aid trained
  • are Trained to DSL level
  • for example all our teaching staff, support staff and HLTAs are list 99 checked
  • have strong relationships with local authorities

There are a range of approaches with EDClass being used for isolation, exclusion, 6th day provision, detention and behaviour and a variety of more ways. 

Impacting learning and progress Using EDClass

You can observe and gain a report highlighting:

  • Who is on and what slide they are on 
  • What they are learning (the screen is recorded)
  • Screen sharing with a physical chat face to face not just a worded chat, 
  • Whether teaching and learning take place 
  • Questions and answer sessions
  • Personalised and pathways of learning
  • Blended and flexible through differentiated tasks
  • Evidence of teaching
  • Artificial intelligence that tracks eyes, head and body movement
  • Multi target groups of students on different tasks learning at different paces 

Safeguarding and security is the key in EDClass

Safeguarding in EDClass is paramount for your alternative provision because you can view:

  • Who is actually there learning
  • If they are safe, you do not just look at blank black screens
  • If the environment is safe and secure to learn in
  • Through monitoring health and safety incidents
  • Safety introductions 
  • Adhere to procedures and policies for safeguarding
  • Interaction with wellbeing and HLTAs
  • Via webcam, numerous additional cams or locked down application
  • Wellbeing support and HLTAs can access and alongside teachers

Attendance and tracking of your learners in your alternative provision

Attendance and tracking alongside safeguarding is essential in EDClass. You can view:

  • Who is on and where they are logged on
  • Live attendance and classroom submission tracker
  • Attendance for AM and PM sessions
  • Idle time is tracked
  • Every mouse movement and keystroke are recorded
  • Start and stop points
  • Match policies for attendance, lateness and punctuality
  • Parental access
  • Screen and browser are locked and recorded

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Accountability for your alternative provision using EDClass

A recording of everything taught, discussed, completed and clicked by staff and students is taken within every online session. Once the session is finished you can download it. The application and software enables a rear camera to show a 180 or 360 degree view of the environment. All evidence is encrypted and securely sent to server where there is available to be evidenced by safeguarding, wellbeing, behaviour officers. This enables you to go back to certain points and incidents to check accurately and identify what is actually happening. 

The support via the Virtual Classroom for your Alternative Provision

EDClass and our online support system provides a great alternative provision for a range of students which adheres to Government safeguarding, well-being and supervision legislation. Within this provision, you have a robust and comprehensive tool that not only offers organisation with teaching and support, but also offers tutoring, assessment, pre-assessment, verification and expertise in any subject for any age group for those doing core, academic or vocational courses. EDClass can also provide teaching support for any organisation.

We can offer support to any individual, whether they be on or off-site. All our support officers are uniquely trained to have extensive knowledge and understanding of the EDClass lessons, system, qualifications, methodology, exams, coursework and practical elements. An exclusive pre-assessment, assessment and feedback service is available for the students, which will help them understand, learn and progress through EDClass.  Every student has a diagnostic assessment which creates their own learning unique learning pathway once on a seat. To view how the seating system and packages work please click here

We work on a stepping stones scenario basis, helping to encourage and build students' self-esteem and lower their anxiety to return to school, this process could be short but in mental health, it will take as long as needed. We have well being officers and Designated Safeguarding Leads and trained workers where safeguarding, well being and support is paramount. Over the years, EDClass has built different tools and systems to help a multitude of students, including those battling mental health problems. This, over the recent pandemic, has changed and we have adapted our curriculum and operations to help your organisation. This is started with the re-engagement of education, which could be 10 minutes or it could be more, moving at the learner's pace. We aim for students to be following their curriculum from school, the relationship between EDClass, school and home is key.

Each day may be different but we build in terms of strength and support on the low days. Our hours of teaching will also help for students on medication which means they may struggle to do any work till the afternoon or early evening. Our staff can deliver live and on-demand lessons so that learners and teachers can virtually rotate classes for maximum usage.


EDClass is a proven secure, fully safeguarded, distance learning system online learning, tracking and reporting platform that can help you:

  • catch up delivery and sessions for missed learning
  • continue to support your students regardless of another wave or local lockdown.
  • educate all students through a blended, flexible and remote learning package
  • dramatically improve your attendance levels
  • improve behaviour throughout the whole school
  • provide an inclusive Alternative Provision for your students (we become one of your alternative providers)
  • create, track and monitor individualised learning pathways
  • provide behaviour repair work
  • have instant resources in isolation, home education and those students excluded, on part-time timetable, or those that are impacting your school attendance levels
  • develop a positive and inclusive learning environment for your students
  • address the 3 levels of progress for your KS3 students through our 12,000+ learning lessons
  • enhance KS4 performance scores
  • deliver content to any type of target groups
  • create a positive learning environment for pupil premium, alternative curriculum, or off-site individuals
  • enable any assessment policy (without levels) to be adhered to
  • encourage disaffected students to take an active role in their own education through a rewards-based gaming/learning structure

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