Attainment Gaps

Attainment is key for all schools

We want to maximise the chances of all students - Our online tools can help achieve this. 

We have multiple ways of increasing attainment. Our new virtual classroom is real-time teaching with learners' progress tracked. Students are immersed in the teaching of a topic and their learning and understanding is measured with our real-time marking. Further to this we have topic-specific lesson sets, baseline assessments and pop quiz questions for retention days.   

As well as live teaching we have Baseline Assessments and Diagnostic tests. You can create your own as part of a package or we can create specific ones for you, it's an amazing tool for all schools!

The diagnostic testing identifies gaps in learners' knowledge.  Appropriate lessons can then be put into a pathway to address these gaps, even for students who, for different reasons, are working at home. They can even be put into a homework pathway with our great homework tool. 

To see these amazing tools and how they can help your learners, please get in touch and book an online demonstration through our shared screening. 


At Springwell Lincolnshire, we have been using Edvirtual as part of our targeted intervention programme for students who have been excluded from mainstream settings and have struggled to integrate into alternative provision working alongside peers.
For many of our students, anxiety creates a barrier to their learning, but with Edvirtual, the pressure to perform in front of peers is removed, which has meant that for two particular students, attendance has gone from virtually nothing to 80% plus, which has, of course, also raised their attainment dramatically. The interface for the students is very user-friendly, and they actively enjoy their lessons, even those who have previously hated school.
From a teacher’s point of view, the system allows me to provide a totally individualised curriculum for each student, and to track progress with great accuracy. The marking and feedback system is incredibly helpful, as the lesson is marked automatically as the student works through it, so that I can focus on giving useful verbal and written feedback rather than spending hours over the minutiae of checking answers. The variety of subjects and number of lessons available provides flexibility, and a much broader offer than students on one-to-one tuition usually receive.
Lucy Flux, Lead Teacher for Targeted Intervention, Springwell Lincolnshire