Behaviour Lessons

We have created numerous lessons and behaviour repair work sessions for your students to follow when they have behaved inappropriately. The behaviour lessons have been assembled so that they address Ofsted's requirements for behaviour work and enable a start for your behaviour repair work. 

The lessons, codes and themes are below:


• BU1 bullying – physical bullying• BU2 bullying – homophobic bullying• BU3 bullying – racist bullying

Verbal abuse against a pupil

• VP1 verbal abuse against a pupil – threatened violence
• VP2 verbal abuse against a pupil – aggressive behaviour
• VP3 verbal abuse against a pupil – swearing
• VP4 verbal abuse against a pupil – homophobic abuse and harassment
• VP5 verbal abuse against a pupil – verbal intimidation
• VP6 verbal abuse against a pupil – carrying an offensive weapon

Physical assault against a pupil

• PP1 physical assault against a pupil – fighting
• PP2 physical assault against a pupil – violent behaviour
• PP3 physical assault against a pupil – wounding• PP4 physical assault against a pupil – obstruction and jostling

Persistent disruptive behaviour

• DB1 persistent disruptive behaviour – challenging behaviour• DB2 persistent disruptive behaviour – disobedience• DB3 persistent disruptive behaviour – persistent violation of school rules

Sexual misconduct

• SM1 sexual misconduct – sexual assault
• SM2 sexual misconduct – sexual abuse
• SM3 sexual misconduct – sexual harassment
• SM4 sexual misconduct – lewd behaviour
• SM5 sexual misconduct – sexual bullying
• SM6 sexual misconduct – sexual graffiti

If any student whilst being on EDClass is showing risks; poor behaviour online; has been excluded or suspended from school and there are concerns regarding their online safety; or are exhibiting negative behaviours then we have behavioural sanctions and lessons regarding these to support the online safety lessons (so that we keep in line with KCSIE (2023) and Teaching online safety in schools (2023). 

These lessons can also work directly with our online safety lessons to adhere to KCSIE (2023) requirements and reduce the online risks our students could potentially face.


• DM1 damage – vandalism• DM2 damage – arson• DM3 damage – graffiti

Physical assault against an adult

• PA1 physical assault against an adult – violent behaviour• PA2 physical assault against an adult – wounding• PA3 physical assault against an adult – obstruction and jostling

Racist abuse

• RA1 racist abuse – racist taunting and harassment
• RA2 racist abuse – derogatory racist statements
• RA3 racist abuse – swearing that can be attributed to racist characteristics
• RA4 racist abuse – racist bullying
• RA5 racist abuse – racist graffiti


• TH1 theft – stealing school property
• TH2 theft – stealing personal property (pupil or adult)
• TH3 theft – stealing from local shops on a school outingTH4 theft – selling and dealing in stolen property

Drug and alcohol-related abuse

• DA1 drug and alcohol-related abuse – alcohol abuse
• DA2 drug and alcohol-related abuse – Inappropriate use of prescribed drugs
• DA3 drug and alcohol-related abuse – possession of illegal drugs
• DA4 drug and alcohol-related abuse – drug dealing
• DA5 drug and alcohol-related abuse – smoking
• DA6 drug and alcohol-related abuse – substance abuse

Verbal Abuse Against an Adult

• VA1 verbal abuse against an adult – threatened violence
• VA2 verbal abuse against an adult – swearing
• VA3 verbal abuse against an adult – homophobic abuse and harassment
• VA4 verbal abuse against an adult – verbal intimidation
• VA5 verbal abuse against an adult – carrying an offensive weapon

Our other behaviour lessons are available for your detention, isolation and excluded pathways:

• Behaviour
• Behaviour contract
• Bullying
• Bullying and harassment- how to deal with it
• Bullying and social networking sites – staying safe online
• Controlling anger in the classroom
• Cyberbullying
• Dealing with anger in the classroom
• Every child matters
• Excluded students
• Human rights, dignity, equality and respect in the U.K.
• Law and order young offenders
• Low-level disruption
• Racial bullying and harassment- how to deal with it
• Relationships – individually and in groups
• Relationships part 1 – a guide for young people.
• Resolution of conflict in school
• Respect
• Rewards and sanctions
• Self-esteem
• Sentencing and appeals
• Setting yourself goals
• Smoking
• Tackling youth crime
• The criminal justice system in Britain
• The seriousness of exclusion
• The use and abuse of drugs
• The use of ASBOs in England and Northern Ireland – two very different case studies
• Truancy
• What is peer pressure?
• Young people and alcohol plus much more

All our lessons have scenarios, tasks and questions to challenge the student's learning and understanding of the severity of each behavioural aspect.

All our lessons can be edited to be made relevant to your environment.