At EDClass we work hard to improve our students' attainment, behaviour, self-esteem and confidence, supporting their development as responsible members of their school community. We recognise the importance of ensuring that they fully benefit from an extensive careers education programme. 

Our vision reflects our desire to inspire each of our students to aim towards a rewarding and successful career, regardless of their background and circumstances. 

EDClass work in partnership with the student’s school throughout their time with us, so that they will have access to a wide range of information and individual guidance to help them choose the best option for when they leave school. They will take part in a variety of activities designed to provide them with many meaningful encounters with employers and the world of work, such as visiting speakers from business, education and training providers.

Our online teachers can offer career guidance and advice for the preparation for a job, into college or offer signposting for apprenticeships.

We have extensive sessions, lessons, tests, and qualifications that can prepare you for any course, job, traineeship or apprenticeship. You may be a 16+ learner or an adult learner.  Our content will help you prepare for: 

• an interview
• interview questions
• filling in a CV
• creating a CV
• writing a personal statement
• writing a covering letter
• filling in an application form
• pre-interview techniques
• getting ready for an interview
• interview questions
• answering questions
• interview etiquette