At EDClass we work hard to improve our students' attainment, behaviour, self-esteem and confidence, supporting their development as responsible members of their school community. We recognise the importance of ensuring that they fully benefit from an extensive career education programme whilst liaising with the career advisor in the school. Our vision reflects our desire to inspire each of our students to aim towards a rewarding and successful career, regardless of their background and circumstances (which helps address some aspects of the Gatsby benchmarks).

EDClass work in partnership with the student’s school throughout their time with us. This is so they will have access to a wide range of information and individual guidance to help them choose the best option for when they leave school regarding their careers programme addressing the needs of each student. They will take part in a variety of activities designed to provide them with many meaningful encounters with employers and the world of work, such as visiting speakers from business, education and training providers.

Recently, our teachers have also given CV writing, covering letters, job applications and references for numerous year 11 students advice and guidance for work experience and for part time job applications. We also give signposting information to individuals on our platform to the apprenticeship service if they need more information regarding what apprenticeships they can do, where to studying the apprenticeship for their off the job training, and what apprentice jobs available in their local area.

We have extensive sessions, lessons, tests, and qualifications that can prepare your students and provide personal guidance for any course, job, traineeship or apprenticeship. Our content will help your students prepare for: 

• Action Plan for Career Development
• Appraising Job and Training Prospects
• Key Qualities
• Mindset Qualities
• Researching a Career
• Alternatives to paid Jobs
• Alternatives to paid work
• Answering and reflecting on interview Questions
• Anticipate key questions
• Applying for a job - Application Form
• Applying for a Job - Application Information
• Applying for a Job - Assessment
• Applying for a Job - Cover Letter
• Applying for a Job - Online Application
• Applying for a Job - Telephone Application
• Applying for a job intro
• Applying for a job or a course
• Being Responsible for other people's money
• Budgeting
• Building A Working Relationship with Colleagues
• Building A Working Relationship with Customers
• Carrying out a realistic self-assessment
• Communicating Solutions to Others
• Completing an application form
• Contributing To Meetings
• Developing Personal Skills for Leadership

 Our Careers Curriculum
• Different methods to apply for a job
• Different Types of Beneficial Alternatives to paid work
• Enterprise
• Filling in an application form
• Finding Voluntary Work
• Health and Safety
• Health Requirements at Work
• Interview Preparation
• Interview Questions
• Interview Techniques
• Investigating Rights and Responsibilities at Work
• Learning From More Experienced People
• Learning With Colleagues and Other Learners
• Making a telephone call to a prospective employer
• Managing Your Health at Work
• Managing Your Own Money
• Manual Handing
• Operative Verbs 
• Preparing for an interview 
• Presentation at an interview
• Producing an action plan for career development
• Qualifications
• Reflection of an interview
• Running An Enterprise Activity
• Safe Learning in The Workplace
• Searching For a Job

• Self-Assessment
• Self-Management Skills
• Setting And Meeting Targets At Work
• Sole trader
• Solving Work Related Problems
• Summarising Documents
• Taking Notes at a Meeting
• Targets Lesson 1 - Setting and Meeting Targets
• Targets Lesson 2 - Purpose of Appraisals
• Taxes
• Teamwork - Roles in a Team
• Using Information about the job
• What are A Levels and AS Levels
• What are Apprenticeships
• Searching for an apprenticeship
• What is a CV?
• What is a Diploma
• What is a personal statement
• What is work
• What job do you want when you leave school?
• Work Experience
• Working As A Team 
• Working as a Volunteer
• Working as Part of a Team
• Writing a covering letter
• Writing a CV

Within the careers section in EDClass, any student can independently access any of the following career advice, guidance and support. Our online teachers can also offer career guidance and advice for the preparation for a job, going into college, signposting for apprenticeships or direct the individuals to any of the following services:

Finding an apprenticeship - Enables students to find an apprenticeship in their chosen career and local area

National Apprenticeship Service – Government service to search for apprenticeships.

I could - Features over 1000 videos of people talking about their careers – explaining their job roles, career paths, and how different factors have shaped their direction.

National Careers Service – Information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.

Careerpilot – Expert career information and tools for 11-19-year-olds, all in one place.

Informed Choices – A service to help you understand which subjects open up different degrees at different universities.

The Scholarship Hub – Search and apply for University scholarships, bursaries and grants.

Unifrog - Helps students compare every university course, every apprenticeship, and further education courses

Skills Events UK– Finding skills events and information.

Step into the NHS - Step into the NHS jobs and careers here.