Catch-Up Premium

EDClass is a whole school learning experience approach that enables any learner to have their own personal education learning plan that in turn matches your curriculum. You can also apply the schools or departments testing and assessment strategy to the platform complete with tracking and monitoring of outcomes, gaps in learning and targets. Our ethos is to work in partnership with your organisation, so that all elements of the journey from learning, testing, benchmarking, monitoring and additional teaching to support is evidenced alongside reports for positive progress, achievement and destinations. At EDClass we aim to meet the needs of all learner’s, in all aspects of the curriculum to ensure consistency throughout. We will aim to assist in the implementation and engagement of the learners and view the impact of the whole process through the triangulation between EDClass, your organisation and the learner.  With a clear mapping of the skills, knowledges and understanding and constant support from our teaching we aim to benefit all parties. 

By incorporating EDClass into your assessment policies we can ensure that our system matches your processes and inform our UK qualified teachers to assist, guide, stretch and challenge all learners. Here is how we assess your students to deliver personalised catch up learning with our assessment and learning portal:

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