Classroom Management

The EDClass observation approach is unique. It was created from an Ofsted Monitoring visit because we wanted to implement consistency throughout our teaching, learning and assessment for our curriculum, management and governance.  

We wanted to create something that does not hit some one with a stick but helps develops standards and impacts teaching and delivery. We know the following: 

  • How a teacher manages their classes varies for many different reasons. 
  • How a teacher manages their class impacts many young people's lives.  

This is a great debate between staff (especially new staff and NQTs) with Heads of Department, faculties or SLT on how to: 

  • share good practice
  • deliver new topics 
  • deliver new processes
  • offer and share different teaching approaches and pedagogies
  • to control certain students 
  • to control classes that continually challenge the staff member in different ways

This new innovative approach can show, via the live streams and recorded sessions, every aspect of classroom and performance management.  

The platform enables tagging of both strong and weak delivery of lessons, providing highlight reels of strengths and areas for further development.  

This can help create ideas on how to approach individual teachers performance reviews.

We believe in the proverbial saying "a problem shared, is a problem halved".  This software definitely epitomises that and helps senior leaders and teachers share good and bad performance in order to evaluate, analyse and assess, which can only help improve standards and raise classroom management.

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Performance Management - Watch live Teaching and Learning take place

Your teaching staff's delivery, methodology, pedagogy, approaches and planning can all be assessed to any set criteria or standard that has been created by the Government, management or department.

You can have as many standards and criteria that have to be adhered to. 

Once completed, these can be tagged and used to identify on a timeline the good, bad, positive, weak performances.  These can then be compared to standards and criteria set by:

  • Ofsted
  • Government
  • Examination boards
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • Department
  • or professional review boards

These can be agreed in principle by staff, assessors and management so that best practice is driven for and outstanding teaching and progress is achieved.

Teaching Standards

Your Leadership team and middle leaders can use the EDClass observation software to dramatically increase the teaching and learning, classroom management, structure, planning, and behaviour control of your staff (under observation) to whatever standard you and the staff are focused on. This approach may seem radical but the positive is no one knows when and who is moderating, assessing and standardising the recorded or live streams of the classroom performances. 

Moderation and Standardisation

The moderation and standardisation aspect of the software, provides every teacher, senior leader, teaching assistant and admin with a unique professional development plan personalised to them, which leads to enhanced performance within each department, school and Multi Academy Trust, by having all staff working towards the same criteria and goals to ultimately drive up standards, attainment and inclusiveness.

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