EDClass is different. We don't just have content available for you and your students we have teachers available to offer support alongside these lessons that can include an initial assessment that automatically creates a personalised pathway learning and modular assessments to help numerous target areas, classes and students.  All our staff are UK trained, qualified and experience teachers. In EDClass we have an extensive range of resources, videos and lessons available.  Our library of content has 17,000 lessons which includes 10,000 learning lessons which has 342,000 slides of information with over 7000 hybrid videos lessons with our teachers online to enable live or on demand teaching support.  We have 230,000 questions, puzzles and assessment slides. 

Safeguarding: All our teachers are all enhanced trained in safeguarding, mental health and well being. 

Access: Our teachers are available to your learners to access support or teaching on request as they work through the lessons live or on demand when asked. Our teachers can also be timetabled or are available for one to one or group teaching sessions and support.  

Live support: The teachers have live sessions and times available for one to one teaching / tutoring or group sessions.

Initial Assessment: We also have available a an internal and diagnostic assessment package for all learning alongside mock and unit assessments for English, Maths, and Science 

Assessment: Within EDClass there is the facility where we can upload your tests and assessments for your teacher assessed grades that work alongside our learning and video lessons. 

Within EDClass we have the following for core, foundation, academic and vocational subjects alongside life, personal and social skills topics. These are:

Functional Skills English
Functional Skills Maths
Applied Science
Behaviour Repair 
Business Studies
British Values and Prevent
Creative Media
Drugs Awareness
Gun, Knife and Gang Crime
Health and Safety
Information Technology
Home Cooking
Money & Finance
Physical Education Preparing for Work

With EDClass, you can create a positive, inclusive learning environment for your pupils. Learning is supported by a range of puzzles and quizzes that are designed to develop and test knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Our learning resource will help you meet the academic needs of all your students, particularly those with issues surrounding catch up, behaviour, homework and attendance.

Learning is supported when working in the system through interactive, multimedia rich e-learning content including:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Table sorting puzzles
  • Drag and drop puzzles
  • Word searches and word jumbles
  • Jigsaws
  • Literacy and numeracy puzzles
  • Videos and podcasts
  • Quizzes

There is also extensive exams and modular units that can be accessed to help with assessment, progress tracking and evidence for teacher assessed grades.

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