Contingency Planning

We WILL remain open and continue to support your students regardless of a second wave or local lock down. We have the facility for staff to return to working from home, at a moments notice, to ensure there is no time where our support is not available to your students, whilst remaining compliant with Government guidelines and The World Health Organisations recommendations, to ensure our team are safe. During lockdown we remained operational, with no break in service, as our dedicated team moved from our head office to working from home. We are all now back in the office but have become adaptable and versatile to ensure our service to our customers is exceptional regardless of whatever happens next with the pandemic. 

This diagram shows how EDClass can be your contingency plan for a range of approaches to address whole school issues.

We have a successful, tried and tested, contingency plan in place. Make EDClass part of yours!

EDClass has everything in place to become a part of your school’s contingency plan with:

  • 12,000 pre-made lessons
  • Attendance tracking
  • Extensive safeguarding
  • Progress tracking
  • Eyes-on learning

You and your students will receive additional support from our specialised teachers, who will:

  • Mark your students' work and provide valuable feedback
  • Monitor your students’ wellbeing
  • Deliver live teaching sessions
  • Answer any questions your students may have

To protect your staff you can also use the platform for your teachers and support workers to create their own

  • Learning resources 
  • Lessons 
  • Video lessons via recording teachers 
  • Scenario tasks 
  • Questions 
  • Games and puzzles 
  • Tests and exams which progressively challenge all users

These can be used with ready made and automatic marking challenges and tasks.

Please call 01909 568 338 for more information.