Department Observation

Every member of the department can use the platform to identify and tag good or bad:

  • incidents
  • practice
  • teaching
  • learning
  • class management
  • challenging abilities

It can then be used to create action plans to demonstrate your commitment to improve standards in reviews, to Governors and Inspectors, by incorporating all the milestones and procedures which have been put in place.

Sharing good standards for consistency and accountancy

With the EDClass observation sector you are able to stream live or view pre-recorded and witness everything that’s going in your classrooms and departments. Using our secure CPD and training platform all practices can be shared through our video clip banks to produce highlight reels of different teaching deliveries, approaches and the way staff have attempted to deal with an issue, topic or procedure.

EDClass can help schools narrow the gap by:

  • facilitating the sharing of good practice for specific groups of pupils.
  • allowing SENCOS, teachers or HLTAs/ TA’s to track individual pupils.
  • enabling staff to reflect upon practices within specific groups and monitor the effectiveness of differentiation.
  • linking the system with the Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Code of Practice: 0-25 years (2014) and the Teaching and Learning Strategies suitable for each.
  • aligning the ideas of Quality First Teaching outlined in the Removing Barriers to Achievement (2004) paper and the National Strategies three waves of intervention model particularly core skills required for all teachers in all schools.
  • guiding teachers in how to support literacy in all subjects and sharing practice with literacy experts.
  • allow cross fertilisation of ideas within departments, schools, MATs, authorities, nationally and internationally.