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EDInclude was initially designed to prevent 34 students from being permanently excluded from one school over a term in our pilot year in 2008. It worked and it is now a powerful resource for your students to continue learning when working in an inclusion unit. Our unique methodology gives every child the chance to succeed through the study of core subjects, allowing students to learn, progress and attain in an environment that is suited to their specific needs.

Completed work can be tracked and monitored to view the student's progress and data can be presented in the form of printable reports. With personalised pathways for your students to complete, knowledge and understanding can be developed whilst removing barriers to learning. 

The EDInclude platform has proved successful in improving behaviour, minimising issues that may occur when a student returns to the mainstream classroom.

EDInclude provides a great tool for motivating and creating a positive learning system for NEETs as well as students who are vulnerable, home educated, injured or long-term sick.

We now have over 60,000 students online, learning and gaining vocational qualifications in over 200 schools and academies.

Using EDInclude

Through EDInclude you can create user accounts and lessons instantly whilst customising your own lessons to create personalised learning pathways for students to follow.

EDInclude gives your school the ability to:

  • Improve disengaged students’ knowledge and understanding within a range of subjects in a relaxed and enjoyable environment through interactive learning approaches
  • Increase behaviour, motivation and attendance whilst promoting fun learning
  • Gain foundation and vocational qualifications verified by AQA, EDEXCEL, NCFE, WJEC and City & Guilds
  • Enable teaching staff to track and monitor graphical and theoretical data of a student’s progress in English, Maths and Science alongside functional skills, core and vocational subjects
  • Reduce exclusions, lower persistent absences and enhance learning whilst enabling the students to work independently. This can be rewarded with time to be spent on their virtual business and enterprises in EDVille
  • Provide a new and innovative approach to your Alternative and Foundation Curriculum, as you can now prepare your students for their Maths and English qualifications through our functional skills lessons and areas
  • Students can also receive attendance grades whilst completing lessons, assessment files and coursework through EDInclude
  • Student success is achieved through spending time on EDInclude and completing lessons
  • You can reward students instantly for answers submitted, effort, grade, commitment, coursework, homework and time spent learning

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