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EDMulti is a Virtual Classroom and learning environment where your learners attend an online lesson or session with our staff to improve standards. This enables students to achieve their goals within the e-learning environment.

Our Virtual Classrooms

Our new approach to Virtual Classrooms can help students within a MAT who have difficulty attending mainstream provision. Learning, timing and attendance is then personalised per learner as set out by your rules and regulations. We provide a safe and secure learning environment for hard-to-reach students allowing them to achieve, whilst offering educators our online platform and safeguarding tools. This will ensure each student reaches their full potential in a controlled and safe environment.

We virtually become your alternative provision through association by agreeing to follow Service Level Agreements and your own policies and procedures.

EDMulti from EDClass also offers your organisation an alternative practice and way of educating a range of learners before entering an Alternative Provision.  

The system can be used prior to the Alternative Provision by offering:

  • Remote learning
  • Virtual learning
  • Blended learning
  • Flexible learning
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Offsite learning
  • Adult learning
  • Core, Academic and Vocational learning
  • Catch up learning
  • Transition
  • Whole school provision
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • Management platform
  • Assessment 
  • Homework
  • Revision
  • Exams