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We understand that bringing staff together for training and discussion can be time consuming and costly when a MAT has a geographically diverse group of schools.

With EDObserve you can:

  • Set whole MAT and individual school targets
  • Bring teachers, departments and leaders together remotely for training
  • Include experts or MAT leaders within training or discussion groups
  • Share good practice across the MAT
  • Create a bespoke CPD package tailored to individual or a group of schools

Observe and identify across the MAT the:

  • Consistency of policies
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Attitude and readiness of students
  • Safeguarding of staff and students
  • Promoting high quality teaching to share good practice

The DfE claims that around 30% of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) left the classroom between 2012 and 2017*. This staggering number cited reasons for leaving as “workload, Government policy and lack of support from leadership”. Not enough of the early NQT’s receive the support they need to reach the one year mark of their career, the five year mark or continue past that.

EDObserve is a central staff assessment, Teacher Training/ITT/SCITT and CPD portal that is designed to make an easier and more comfortable experience out of classroom without sacrificing quality. It can be used as a part of the NQT programme to give support to the teachers, without overwhelming them or adding more pressure. The NQT, ITT & PGCE mentor, or another member of the Senior Leadership Team, can stream live everything in the chosen classroom, or watch a previously recorded session at their leisure.

With EDObserve, you can set criteria in line with your school policies to base feedback on. Teachers can use it to evaluate their own performance, use it for peer assessment or for observations without the added pressure of another person in their classroom. We understand that observations can be subjective as the Inspector can only see that one lesson – with EDObserve you can record a range of lessons to evidence progress over time.

Feedback is easily accessed and recorded on the system – there is an option to live annotate feedback at the specific moment in the video that it is relevant to. EDObserve has the ability to rewind back through the prerecorded videos as well, to be able to fully assess the situation.

By creating the bank of recorded lessons, you are also able to use EDObserve as a whole school solution. Easily use it asevidence for HR performance reviews, mock OFSTED inspections, as a catch-up tool for any student missing a session, use as model examples of teaching for training, or to review any incidents that may have happened.

Make it easier for your school and your teacher with EDObserve. We can tailormake it to meet any school, Multi Academy Trust or Departmental Policy or Procedure implementation. 

* Analysis of teacher supply, retention and mobility, February 2018