Creating Outstanding Teachers

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We believe in supporting all teachers wherever they are on their journey. EDObserve, from EDClass, allows teachers to video, pause and edit their practice, link it to CPD and targets, and share ideas within school or remotely with education professionals. We believe this will empower them to take charge of their teaching journey, improve their practice and inspire others.

EDObserve can support teachers through

  • revolutionising self-evaluation and peer evaluation. EDObserve provides transparency through allowing teachers to record their lessons and match practice to criteria relevant to their learning.
  • empowering teachers to take control of their professional practice by choosing lessons to download, or groups to observe and working through assignments at their own pace.
  • providing evidence of teachers’ own practice for reflection and self-evaluation and allowing teachers to reflect upon that practice either alone, with mentors or peers.
  • providing content and activities dedicated to helping teachers understand how pupils learn, both generally and in specific subject areas.
  • giving teachers room for professional discretion and providing repeated opportunities to understand, practice and reflect upon new learning and methodology.
  • providing experts to support understanding of the practices being advocated.
  • allowing groups of teachers to get together for moderation and marking training with experts and colleagues in other schools.
  • ensuring evidence is uploaded and performance management conversations are streamlined onto one platform.
  • facilitating collaboration at a school, authority, county, national or international level.
  • making life easier for teachers by providing evidence of student competencies for example, football skills, drama and musical performances and oral examinations and tests.
  • allowing teachers to assess group work or individual performances in class.

Through the transparency of this system teachers can reflect on their lessons and allow for collaborative, non-threatening feedback, either internally or externally without the stress of a traditional observation, if required.

Governance Support

We know that schools need strong governance, yet often governors’ time is limited.

EDObserve can

  • allow governors to access training and governor support in their own time and host remote subcommittees.
  • monitor CPD and identify gaps in staff skills.
  • streamline headteacher appraisal and performance management targets
  • monitor the school’s appraisal policy.
  • take part in lesson observations outside of school hours.
  • access expert support.

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