Live Interaction

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Your curriculum delivery can be tracked and recorded using this unique software to increase personal progress and raise teaching standards, which can be witnessed and evidenced over any period of time.  The live interaction between teacher and pupils is recorded and can be shared as evidence with Inspectors simply by the click of a button.  Everything that is identified, highlighted and tagged is placed onto a time line and into an action plan to share good practice. Every staff member has a unique timeline and action plan for evidence of: 

  • their own professional development
  • Improvement of Teaching, Learning and interaction with each class member
  • Enhancing standards and delivery
  • Improving ITT standards
  • helping to see teaching traits to improve classroom management
  • seeing class room behaviours through reviews and departmental discussions
  • standard fulfillment for Government inspection review

In addition, the technology that shows interaction and teaching and learning reduces: 

  • stresses through learner walk throughs
  • teaching assessments
  • the requirement to have assessors present at the back of classroom – they can now just simply log in