End Point Assessment

EDPointAssess by EDClass is an all-in-one endpoint assessment platform. 

The platform manages a learner's entire EPA journey, providing a platform for exams, coursework, observation live assessments and observations. We aim to provide a simple, instant and convenient experience. Providing a structure that offers a wide range of resources including hassle-free sampling, automatic recording and storage of evidence.

You can also use EDPointAssess to mock or practice EPA which could include:

  • Exams
  • Assessment
  • Observations
  • Coursework submission
  • Assignment submission
  • Evidence uploader
  • Evidence for milestones and 'on the job' skills training
  • Standards, knowledges, skills and behaviour analysis
  • Key Skills tracker

For your learners, assessors, employers and EPAO



Professional Discussion

We offer the ability to complete all three forms of assessment via a live, online classroom environment plus much more.

Our live sessions are built into the platform, and we have a fully manageable and flexible booking process in place for learners. Your assessors have the ability to accept or decline a booking request, which tracks back to learner notifications.

A learner and assessor can both access the live session through their own accounts. The live assessment is a one-to-one webcam meeting. These meetings can be automatically recorded and tracked. Within a session, audio and chat mechanisms are in place to ensure effective communication between both parties.

By choosing EDPointAssess as your preferred platform, you could reduce the stresses for all involved when submitting, marking, administrating and verifying coursework for your EPA.

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