The education of EAL and ESOL learners is increasingly placing student well-being and inclusion at the core of their English speaking, reading, writing and general communication development. EDClass can help to meet the need for targeted assistance especially for those students with English as a second or other/additional language. From our content you can create learning pathways quickly and efficiently, tailored with your choice of lessons, so each learner has an individual programme to follow.

At EDLounge we offer:

  • A systematic and unique approach for each learner
  • Personalised learning outcomes for all learners
  • Increased engagement in learning
  • A personal pathway for each learner
  • Self-paced content
  • Editable content
  • Lessons to meet the needs of every ability
  • Sound and an e-reader in every lesson (everything can be read aloud for each learner)
  • E-books for learners
  • Online support and access to tutors offering a range of languages

At EDClass we work in partnership with schools, families and those learners with EAL / ESOL to break down barriers to their learning. EDClass:

  • Offers editable content for any language or learner
  • Can offer each learner a unique learning pathway to meet their ability needs
  • Improves learner's knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects in a relaxed and enjoyable environment through interactive learning approaches
  • Improves behaviour, motivation and attendance whilst promoting fun learning
  • Enables teaching staff to track and monitor data plotting a learner's progress in English, Maths and Science in graph or report form, alongside 'lifeskills' and vocational subjects
  • Reduces exclusions and lowers the rate of persistent absences
  • Enhances learning for ESOL learners whilst enabling them to work independently
  • Allows you to reward learners instantly for answers submitted, effort, grade, commitment, coursework, homework and time spent learning

For primary schools, EDClass provides a new and innovative approach for your ESOL learners. Success is achieved when spending targeted time within the EDClass learning platform. Here are all the languages that have been translated with audio file of the words, phrases and topics being spoken. 

The topics that we have within EDVille for your pupils to learn at their own pace are:


Daily Tasks
Days of the Week


Parts of the Body
Possessive Nouns

Where do I live?
Yearly Events

This is a great tool for ESOL departments introducing English to learners with primary languages. Each word, phrase or statement has a recording of the pronunciation that each pupil can learn from.

English speakers can become bilingual too.
Conversations and greetings can be learned independently.

Pupils can learn how to tell the time in different languages.
There are key words to learn for learners especially for ESOL.
Key terms that pupils need for developing their modern foreign language skills can be practiced here.
EDArcade can be used for ESOL pupils learning English as their first, second or additional language.
The EDArcade can also be a great area for pupils to learn a new language.
The pupils can learn the language with English and the second language or have two different languages and learn both (becoming multi-lingual).
Key aspects and topics like time, weather, family, school words and basic introductions can be learned in multiple language.
This is part of the subscription as we believe inclusivity is the key whilst having fun learning languages.
Pupils can use the platform in their own time with everything tracked and recorded.
We have had Welsh added to our list of languages too.
You can also access games to teach MFL and deliver ESOL interactive games.
Teachers can create quizzes and questions in any language to test learning.
Language Luggage can also help improve a pupils knowledge of foreign languages.