To combat disruptive behaviour and reduce exclusions, we have found that it is important to develop a whole school culture of learning. EDClass can help you to provide an engaging and motivating environment which has been proven to impact behaviour positively and reduce exclusions.

EDClass can help your school reduce exclusions: 

  • with personalised learning and discipline
  • by raising standards of behaviour
  • with inclusive education
  • with a creative curriculum
  • by bringing every policy in-house
  • by becoming your 6th-day provision
  • by offering short-term and long-term placements
  • by engaging vulnerable pupils
  • by tracking and monitoring the progress of individual learners and target groups
  • by reducing incidents through the behaviour tracker
  • with inclusion and exclusion resource banks
  • with behaviour tracking, repair tools and resources
  • with online support
  • with behaviour content mapped to individuals’ needs  

EDClass was designed initially for learners to have a structured learning pathway whilst in inclusion or exclusion so that they can be reintegrated back into mainstream education at the same level of learning as their peers. As the platform has evolved more learning content has been added to map a curriculum for any student whether they are on a short or long-term exclusion.