Testimonials - Exclusions & Isolation

EDClass bridges the gap between excluded students and in school students so that they are 'up to speed' and confident about their return.


Timothy Edge, Year Manager at Chaucer


Improved educational provision of students excluded from school/on alternative pathways.


Donna Mitchell, Inclusion Manager at Ossett Academy


Reduced exclusions and give students access to learning when off ill or unable to attend school.


Gemma Carberry, Admin Support Clerk at Acklam Grange School


At BBG Academy, EDClass currently plays a large part in how we support students who have received Fixed Term Exclusions. It is vital that despite the wrong choices the student may have made, they are offered a chance to continue their learning and education during what can be a very difficult time. Students are promptly placed on a seat on EDClass and are set relevant work that they would otherwise miss out on.

As well as this, the students have an opportunity to reduce any reintegration time they may serve in isolation upon their return to school and also reduce the impact a fixed-term exclusion may have on their attendance.


Scott Sweeney, BBG Academy


EDClass is a key component of our behaviour support package at Pakefield. For students who are at risk of permanent exclusion, we use EDClass to deliver off-site learning, with students attending school for a short amount of time each day with sessions focusing on improving their own behaviour.

Family support workers, parents, and the students themselves have been very positive about the support in place. The fact that qualified teachers are available through EDClass means that students feel connected to their learning at all times, a stark contrast to the typical exclusion process.


Dan Bagshaw, Assistant Headteacher, Pakefield High School and Learning Community


We have started using EDClass in our external isolation room. It keeps students more engaged and focused – the short tasks and motivation through the gaming aspect work brilliantly. Students can also follow their timetable when isolated so they don’t fall behind in their classwork.


Dan Bagshaw, Assistant Headteacher, Pakefield High School and Learning Community