Extra Curricular

EDClass not only supports teachers in delivering effective learning opportunities, but it also successfully impacts the learning outcomes of all students that use the platform especially for any extra curricular or learning club. The platform has over 12,000 resource bank of lessons in core, foundation, academic and vocational subjects that can be personalised and structured for each individual regardless of ability. EDClass is ideal for extra curricular club delivery for impacting and addressing:

  • Catch Up programmes
  • Missed learning 
  • Recovery Education programmes
  • Summer School programmes
  • After school learning
  • Intervention lessons 
  • Low Literacy & Numeracy programmes
  • Pupil Premium enhancement
  • A focused and accountable homework system that parents can access too

EDClass also addresses SLTs’ and teachers’ needs by making reporting and progress tracking as easy as possible, giving them the time to focus on teaching students.

EDClass enables teachers to use the platform for extra curricular delivery to:

  • Create a bespoke learning plan and pathway for every student, regardless of ability
  • Track and monitor pupil progress, achievements, comments, goals, targets, milestones and rewards, and compare these against other data and charts
  • Access a customisable assessment framework that suits each establishment’s curriculum and assessment needs
  • Edit lesson plans and content
  • Adapt mastery statements, objective tracking, and teaching and learning grids
  • Improve behaviour through the track and behaviour repair tools and resources
  • Inspection Ready Reports and reports