Further Education and Colleges

EDQuals is a secure qualification and continuous professional development delivery and training platform.

Further education establishments can white-label EDQuals with their own logo and branding. The platform can be used to deliver lessons, coursework and qualifications in a completely secure environment.

As well as implement our own collection of lessons and qualifications as part of a wider learning pathway, FE providers can upload their own presentations, workbooks, e-books, quizzes, tasks and mock exams.

EDQuals provides a comprehensive system of assessment, tracking and monitoring. Teachers and administrators can use the data management system to identify student’s strengths and weaknesses, and create individualised learning pathways.

The reporting system can also output Ofsted-ready reports within minutes.

What can EDQuals offer your college?

  • Live secure video chat with offsite recording
  • Secure virtual classroom
  • Timetabled lessons for guided learning hours
  • Continuous assessment
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Remote access and distance learning
  • Scenario-based learning for evidence and assessment
  • Central access for submission and uploading of coursework
  • Full functional skills learning platform and practice exams
  • Skills and employability passport
  • Tutor support
  • Management information system
  • Staff and learner forum
  • CPD accredited platform
  • Independent study programme
  • Blended learning approach or totally online training
  • Diagnostic and initial testing
  • Coursework e-portfolio with submission reports
  • Tracking cohort assessment
  • Assignment marking with interval and verification
  • CPD builder for your own training and assessment