Home education

The decision to home educate your child can be a hard one for many reasons. EDClass provides innovative blended learning that we tailor to suit the individual needs of each learner to ensure they receive a flexible learning pathway and experience that achieves positive outcomes and desired destinations.

The online facility can be accessed via any web enabled device and doesn’t require any third-party software. Plus, it’s constantly available 24/7 and comprises bite-size modules that children can instantly access.  It includes robust skills scans and diagnostic assessments which clearly identify the starting point and directly inform the development of a tailored learning plan unique to each child. The facility also includes 1-2-1 and group tutoring and teachers available that deliver a wide range of teaching and supplementary resources a range of subjects. We have the teacher and tutor delivering the session where you can see the teacher / their screen and the interaction between them and the learner.  This can be for individuals, whole groups, target classes or those being educated from home as part of an education recovery programme.

Learner engagement and progress is monitored by the system and reported in real-time so our experienced team of teachers, tutors and trainers are fully aware and can respond swiftly with smart intervention and guidance. Data from EDClass feeds directly into the reports which use a RAG rating system against targets for 100% learner engagement, satisfaction, progress, retention, timely completion and destinations which we actively monitor for outcomes beyond the end of the learning programme. We also produce daily, weekly, monthly reports for parents via the online portal to monitor learning and achievements. You can select different subscription plans to enable learning, support and teaching.    

To support our existing learners, we have sourced additional management and teaching expertise (UK Qualified Teachers) so that the creation of programmes given for a learner to study is tailored to provide learning journeys and education pathways that fully recognise the starting point of learners, fully addresses their individual learning needs and fully align with the needs of learners and parents’ priorities.  

At EDClass, using our seat package, we continue to break those barriers to learning and work closely with schools, parents and students to give them the best outcomes. We can offer your child or children that are being educated at home.  At the moment our school day runs from 9.00am until 4.00pm, with students logging on and working flexibly in their own time. The school day may possibly change to longer hours to work with students with chronic fatigue or mental health needs.

Our content and work are accessible at all times, the school day is when our teachers are on hand to help.


  • KS1 English, Maths and Science
  • KS2 English, Maths and Science
  • KS3 English, Maths and Science
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Physical Education
  • IGCSEs
  • Functional Skills English
  • Functional Skills Maths
  • Functional Skills ICT

Students taking exams directly with EDClass

If sitting exams at a local school/exam centre we need to know your chosen exam boards so we can assign them the appropriate lessons.

We can add supportive science lessons, however, we can’t cover the practical side required for final exams.

We also offer life skills within our independent study tab, covering the following topics: 

  • Prevent
  • British Values
  • PSHE
  • Citizenship
  • Careers advice
  • Drug and Knife crime

With thousands of lessons and content for all, this is a perfect resource to educate, teach and qualify the home educated students.

One-to-one sessions and personalised reintegration plans can now take place so that every child has an individual and personalised learning pathway with achievable milestones and targets.