Our homework framework enables teachers to use our pre recorded sessions, assessment, tests and resources for your homework provision and to give each learner a  learning pathway that’s personal and supports them in achieving successful academic that they can access remotely from home. 12,000 virtual teaching lessons and videos with support resources can be placed into a learning pathway and be assigned for homework of any group or cohort to standardise and impact on whole school learning in a targeted aspect. The platform can also be used alongside mainstream lessons to support students’ learning and the bespoke homework platform offers virtual teaching, tutoring, mentoring, assessment, testing and assistance to students. 

The platform and resources and enable you and your staff to:

  • Create a bespoke homework and learning plan and pathway for every student, regardless of ability
  • Differentiate homework for any pupil, topic or cohort
  • Track and monitor pupil homework progress, achievements, comments, goals, targets, milestones and rewards, and compare these against other data and charts
  • Access a customisable homework and assessment framework that suits each establishment’s curriculum and assessment needs
  • Make homework more appealing and fun
  • Enable catch up and recovery sessions 
  • Timetable homework
  • Liaise with and involve parents 
  • Reward students for completing homework
  • Track learners' submissions, non-submissions, late submission, grades and comments

It also is provided for independent learning and provides the actual learning content to support learning or missed topics.  This comprehensive library school improvement and e-learning platform that offers students who struggle with mainstream education the opportunity to access learning.