How the seats work

This page explains how the packages on EDClass work and how we as a partnership can maximise; effective teaching and learning; budget savings, staff well-being, and most importantly learner safety. Our objective and intent are to always safeguard our learners and enhance their personalised learning with effective pathways addressing gaps in education.

The seats can be rotated between learners; think of this like your classrooms, each time the bell goes your learners move to their next lessons and you get a whole new classroom of learners but the chairs and desks stay where they are. When you purchase a seat with us you are building your school's virtual classroom and each time a learner has completed a session on a seat they can be rotated off and another learner can then access your virtual classroom. Our virtual classrooms are designed for and support; catch-up classes, online learners, or any student not attending school. Every session, lesson and discussion is recorded for child protection. As you can see below this is how the virtual classroom works for numerous cohorts using our interactive platform for online education or delivering to different groups simultaneously.

All discussions with the students are tracked and recorded for child protection as the students' safety is the number one priority. Safeguarding is central to everything we do at EDClass and we have access to every learner and ensure that you do also.

As the student accesses their online classroom their registration is taken, we do this while also conducting a welfare welcome questionnaire. The registration times match your school's timetable. 

When first accessing the EDClass platform we will encourage you to put the learners onto a diagnostic test. This then allows us to find their gaps in knowledge and assign a specific pathway complete with live, on-demand, timetabled and if needed, additional teaching sessions. Within the learning sessions, there are formative assessments to continuously challenge each learner at their appropriate learning level. There are end-of-lesson progress questions that are shown on their learning timeline within their report.

The safeguarding features of the online classroom enable you to perform live check-ins with the learners and ensure their environment is conducive to learning. We also make it easy for you to access and view the learner's camera feed, learning slides, answers given and progress made. 

EDClass’ UK-qualified teachers also “monitor pupils’ engagement and communicate and colleagues effectively if there are concerns” in line with the EIF. Timely and effective support is provided whenever required for students with their learning. Your learners can learn at their own pace with a system that is available 24/7 and one-to-one support available during school hours. EDClass provides an effective safeguarded online provision and supplies evidential support for your school to demonstrate the impact the seats are having on your students.

Implement a positive solution - You can move and alternate seats within your organisation. Our seats are not fixed to one student

EDClass accommodates your school’s requirements and keeps the best interests of your students at the centre of what we do. You can significantly reduce your spending on your alternative provision, with a provider that suits even the most complex needs, with engaging content and rigorous measures implemented. Several of your students can use a seat when rotated throughout the day and this can be extremely useful within your isolation or inclusion rooms. Your workload is significantly reduced with a broad and balanced curriculum already provided for you and EDClass’ teachers support your students face-to-face or via verbal chat or text for you.

Seats can be used within schools or for distant learners or those not attending school

It is your prerogative how you use your seats with EDClass. EDClass can be extremely useful for students with mental health challenges, such as anxiety and school phobia, as the system can be used effectively from the comfort of their own homes. A strong focus on positively reintegrating your students is administered with EDClass ensuring your students are in the best possible state when they feel ready to return to school. EDClass can also be implemented within your mainstream setting in other areas of your school. This can include supporting those with low-level disruptive behaviour or those who require additional support with their personal development, both academically and pastorally. EDClass can be implemented to address attendance issues across your MAT also so there are uniform standards across each school.

Every seat can be allocated a personalised programme of study

A broad and balanced curriculum with high-quality sequenced lessons for teaching and learning is provided. This gives parents confidence that their child is receiving high-quality teaching and targeted evidence-based support, adhering to the SEND & AP improvement plan, that is available at the click of a button. Your students on seats will work through designated pathways of learning that are suited to their level of academic ability and the system is suitable for students with SEND.

Seats can be transferred between learners within other partner establishments

EDClass has been specially designed to allow MATs to work in conjunction with one another, reducing costs at the same time. Seats can be used by different schools within your trust ensuring all of your students are engaged and safe when learning. Your students are safeguarded when on an EDClass system with everything being monitored, tracked and evidenced to uphold standards if any inspection is to occur for your school.

Each child adheres to your policies and procedures

Implement your policies and procedures to work in symmetry with us to help improve the behaviour, engagement and interaction of your students. Your students will be supported by our expert teachers to address behaviour and attitudes to address any lapses in judgement and improve their focus. EDClass can offer a provision that implements regular interaction and engagement with learners through an innovative bespoke curriculum with pastoral support.

Working in partnerships for students outcomes 

EDClass is a valuable online teaching and learning platform, designed to support students in their academic journey. However, it is important to clarify that GCSE exams are not taken directly within the EDClass platform and that no official GCSE exams are administered or taken directly within the EDClass platform.

Our role is to provide engaging, learning pathways and effective resources to complement the excellent work undertaken by our commissioning schools. Students taking GCSEs will prepare and sit for exams through their schools' designated channels, following the examination boards and assessment procedures.

The success of any student completing a GCSE exam is a direct result of the dedication and expertise of their teachers, the supportive school environment, and the student's own hard work. EDClass is proud to play a part in this collaborative effort by providing supplementary learning tools and fostering a love for knowledge.

We encourage students to reach out to their teachers and school advisors for all information regarding GCSE exams and preparation. We are proud of every achievement that our learners achieve and will share this through our students testimonials and school testimonials pages.