How the seats work

This page explains how the packages on EDClass work and how we as a partnership can maximise; effective teaching and learning; budget savings, staff wellbeing, and most importantly learner safety. Our objective and intent is always the safeguarding of our learners and enhancing personalised learning with effective pathways addressing gaps in education. Our delivery and implementation does vary from other online platforms which you may have experienced and/or investigated, we are proud of our methodology and will hopefully illustrate this to you below;

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The seats can be rotated between learners; think of this like your classrooms, each time the bell goes your learners move to their next lessons and you get a whole new classroom of learners but the chairs and desks stay where they are. When you purchase a seat with us you are building your schools virtual classroom and each time a learner has completed a session on a seat they can be rotated off and another learner can then access your virtual classroom. Our virtual classrooms are designed for and support; catch up classes, remote learners, or any student not attending school.  Every session, lesson and discussion is recorded for child protection.  As you can see below this is how the virtual classroom works for numerous cohorts using our interactive platform for remote education or delivering to different groups simultaneously.

Virtual classroom

All discussions with the students are tracked and recorded for child protection as the students' safety is the number one priority. Safeguarding is central to everything we do at EDClass and we have access to every learner and ensure that you do also.

As the student access their online classroom their registration is taken, we do this while also conducting a welfare welcome questionnaire. The registration times match your schools timetable. 

When first accessing the EDClass platform we will encourage you to put the learners onto a diagnostic test. This then allows us to find their gaps in knowledge and assign a specific pathway complete with live, on demand, timetabled and, if needed, additional teaching sessions. Within the learning sessions there are formative assessments to continuously challenging each learner at their appropriate learning level.  There are end of lesson progress questions that are shown on their learning timeline within their report.

The safeguarding features of the online classroom enable you to; perform live check-ins with the learners and ensure their environment is conducive for learning, we also make it easy for you to access and view the learners; camera feed, learning slides, answers given and progress made. 


To demonstrate the learners progress we have; scenario based learning tasks to develop independent learning and bespoke one to one or to a cohort delivered sessions available. 

All answers are marked. All sessions are logged and encrypted back to your server securely.  You can see where each student is at, wherever and whenever the student is logged in.

You can have multiple target groups on different seats and move students for sessions and group work.

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Every step of progress is tracked instantly. Every submission is marked (looking after your staff wellbeing) with automatic feedback. 

Every interaction is viewed by our team of support workers and you can click on their time line and see everything to prove it is them learning and the environment they are supposed to be in. You can periodically look back and have eyes on every learner that has logged onto the system. 


Also, those students who need it can have tutoring.  This aspect enables you to have one to one support and delivery. Guess what, every chat and session is recorded too. 

Your staff can also use it for their delivery too. We call this the EDVirtual portal. In EDVirtual you literally get our platform where you can create learning content and see 

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