Implement, Intent, Impact and Evidence

EDClass is a whole school management platform that can help you Implement, Intent, Impact and Evidence many aspects to help raise standards across your whole school provision. 

We can work with your establishment to assist you to:

  • deliver an educational recovery and effective catch up programme
  • increase learning and engagement 
  • enhance attendance 
  • enable every learner to have a personalised learning pathway covering your schemes but related to each learner's ability
  • implement a behaviour and reward model
  • reduce staff workload through increased efficiency
  • tailor your quality assurance, monitoring and management procedures 
  • have a central drive and resource to evidence and raise standards for staff, managers, and governance
  • monitor your teaching and learning, testing and assessment to each department and faculty
  • educate those learners that are hard-to-reach, breaking down barriers via the Virtual School and Classroom
  • offer remote learning for all regardless of ability
  • reduce exclusions and incidents
  • create rigorous assessment methods for learners via the learning platform
  • develop resources through innovative media
  • view performance management and progress made
  • view instant reports and monitoring/tracking
  • show actual up-to-date progress for staff, learners and departments
  • provide a central area for CPD, deliver assemblies and presentations
  • support all learners and parents
  • offer virtual tutoring, mentoring and assistance
  • deliver staff training and CPD programmes
  • use a range of intervention strategies
  • tackle transition issues
  • boost low literacy and numeracy 
  • provide comparison charts, data and graphs
  • deliver offsite provision
  • access content mapped to core, academic and vocational curricula