A common issue within many schools' inclusion units is that students are missing out on crucial lessons while they are isolated, but what if there was an easy way to solve this? We have the solution! 

EDClass is ideal for your inclusion unit as students can gain instant access to learning with on demand or live teaching. EDClass was designed to help break barriers to learning, through personalised e-learning content via our UK qualified teachers / tutors for online support for any learner in inclusion. 

EDClass enables students to have instant access within the inclusion centre / unit where they log on and follow a personalised learning pathways that will bring them up to speed and prepare them for reintegration to the mainstream classroom.  We have over 2000+ video lessons and 12000+ lessons in the core and foundation subjects with assessment and tests within the pathways to coincide and mirror what topics, theories and lessons they are missing or have been scheduled to miss.  The attainment and progress is tracked and recorded alongside the support and teaching that EDClass teachers can offer.

Our Teaching staff can be used to help disengaged students gain knowledge for qualifications, support teaching and learning through the EDClass online classroom where they can work with students individually to achieve their goals, alongside supporting your staff regardless of location. EDClass teachers are based in our offices in Sheffield and can offer teaching and support to your students struggling with mainstream education, with personalised learning, scheduled pathways of study and timetabled support to educate any learner.

Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with online learning in mind, to ensure student safety is paramount and the best that is available in an online learning environment. EDClass also has the facility to track students learning to ensure that staff can maintain constant contact with students that are being educated. Our teaching staff are available to the student at the click of a button and will help guide students through their learning. The work students have completed will also be marked by EDClass teachers so learners in inclusion automatically learn and know their strengths and weaknesses. All video recordings are saved and sent directly to your IT technicians to store and back up for data protection, child protection and safeguarding protocols.

This facility will enable us to further support students and the needs of those involved with these individuals in furthering their education instead of doing something not relevant. Within EDClass there is the facility to speak, support, and teach face-to-face via our own internal virtual platform where everything is tracked and recorded.

“We have continued to use it as part of the curriculum and it is a resource as part of day to day teaching at Southway.”  Andy Percival, Headteacher, Southway PRU, Rodillian Multi Academy Trust

Impact in Inclusion

EDClass was initially designed to prevent 34 students from being permanently excluded from one school over a term in our pilot year in 2008. It worked and it is now a powerful resource for your students to continue learning when working in an inclusion unit. Our unique methodology gives every child the chance to succeed through the study of core subjects, allowing students to learn, progress and attain in an environment that is suited to their specific needs.

Completed work can be tracked and monitored to view the student's progress and data can be presented in the form of printable reports. With personalised pathways for your students to complete, knowledge and understanding can be developed whilst removing barriers to learning. 

The EDClass Inclusion platform has proved successful in improving behaviour, minimising issues that may occur when a student returns to the mainstream classroom.

EDClass provides a great tool for motivating and creating a positive learning system for NEETs as well as students who are vulnerable, home educated, injured or long-term sick.

With EDClass you can create user accounts and lessons instantly whilst customising your own lessons to create personalised learning pathways for students to follow.

EDClass gives you and your inclusion unit the ability to:

  • Improve disengaged students’ knowledge and understanding within a range of subjects in a relaxed and enjoyable environment through interactive learning approaches
  • Increase behaviour, motivation and attendance whilst promoting fun learning
  • Enable teaching staff to track and monitor graphical and theoretical data of a student’s progress in English, Maths and Science alongside functional skills, core and vocational subjects
  • Reduce exclusions, lower persistent absences and enhance learning whilst enabling the students to work independently. 
  • Provide a new and innovative approach to your Alternative and Foundation Curriculum, as you can now prepare your students for their Maths and English qualifications through our functional skills lessons and areas
  • Look at each child on an individual basis
  • See what everyone has done every minute of the day
  • Has in depth and continuous assessment to help predict grades
  • Keep staff and pupils safe, secure and socially distanced
  • Offers a non over subscribed provision
  • Offers a whole school approach with live, recorded or on demand resources
  • Tracks and records every bit of involvement by students, teaching and support staff
  • create a behaviour repair system in place
  • reward students instantly for answers submitted, effort, grade, commitment, coursework, homework and time spent learning

We can help and implement a positive resource that can enhance your inclusion units with: 

Lessons - We have thousands of video lessons covering the core subjects to match your school's scheme of work. Students are able to work at levels that are suited to their ability to bridge gaps in students’ learning before they become disengaged.

Safeguarding - Students are regularly monitored to confirm that they feel safe, have the correct equipment and are ready to learn, with all concerns reported to your school. Our eyes-on learning allows you to claim attendance codes for your off-site students.

Tracking - Teachers can view full statistics and tracking of progress over time. You will receive weekly updates summarising how many students are actively using the system alongside how many hours, lessons and questions have been completed.

Assessment - EDClass has developed an incredibly successful assessment structure that benefits from over a decade of working with educational establishments. From diagnostic assessments to practice examination papers, EDClass incorporates more than a tracking system, it applies an algorithm capable of establishing gaps in learners’ knowledge and systematically assigns learning resources to the identified key areas for improvement.

"From a teacher’s point of view, the system allows me to provide a totally individualised curriculum for each student, and to track progress with great accuracy. The marking and feedback system is incredibly helpful, as the lesson is marked automatically as the student works through it, so that I can focus on giving useful verbal and written feedback." Lucy Flux Lead teacher for Targeted Intervention, Springwell Lincolnshire