A common issue within many schools' inclusion units is that students are missing out on crucial lessons while they are isolated, but what if there was an easy way to solve this? We have the solution!

EDClass is ideal for your inclusion unit as students can gain instant access to learning with on demand or live teaching. EDClass was designed to help break barriers to learning, through personalised e-learning content via our qualified teachers / tutors for online support for any learner in inclusion. Our staff can be used to help disengaged students gain knowledge for qualifications, support teaching and learning through an online classroom and work with students individually to achieve their goals, alongside supporting your staff regardless of location.

Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with online learning in mind, to ensure student safety is paramount and the best that is available in an online learning environment. EDClass also has the facility to track students learning to ensure that staff can maintain constant contact with students that are being educated. Our teaching staff are available to the student at the click of a button and will help guide students through their learning. The work students have completed will also be marked by EDClass teachers so learners in inclusion automatically learn and know their strengths and weaknesses. All video recordings are saved and sent directly to your IT technicians to store and back up for data protection, child protection and safeguarding protocols.

This facility will enable us to further support students and the needs of those involved with these individuals in furthering their education instead of doing something not relevant. Within EDClass there is the facility to speak, support, and teach face-to-face via our own internal virtual platform where everything is tracked and recorded.

We can help impact your inclusion units with: 

Lessons - We have thousands of video lessons covering the core subjects to match your school's scheme of work. Students are able to work at levels that are suited to their ability to bridge gaps in students’ learning before they become disengaged.

Safeguarding - Students are regularly monitored to confirm that they feel safe, have the correct equipment and are ready to learn, with all concerns reported to your school. Our eyes-on learning allows you to claim attendance codes for your off-site students.

Tracking - Teachers can view full statistics and tracking of progress over time. You will receive weekly updates summarising how many students are actively using the system alongside how many hours, lessons and questions have been completed.