International Students with teaching and support

EDClass is ideal for a range of international learners that are wanting live, timetabled or on demand lessons from UK Experienced, trained and qualified teachers. EDClass offers a range of UK Teachers that can deliver 

Live Teaching and delivery available for overseas learners

We have continued to enhance our platform delivery so that there is now daily and weekly timetabled slots available for learners to have 'Live Teaching' in a virtual classroom or one-to-one sessions. We follow your teaching plans and from them devise individual learning pathways of our lessons and content. This means there is a simple structure for learners to follow.

Teachers and learners can follow any of the following approaches: 

  • a timetabled approach where lessons are scheduled 
  • drop-in sessions
  • a live teaching schedule 
  • live support / tutoring on one-to-one or one-to-ten
  • ad-hoc sessions for learners to have online support when requested

Available on demand teaching and support

Distance learning has become a fundamental fact of life for many learners in the UK. Online provision has created new learning opportunities for students all over the world. Using EDLounge, distance learners can benefit from the convenience, flexibility and, importantly, support, just as any other learner would within a bricks and mortar school.

Support is often a concern for the distance learner but, with EDClass (our teaching and mentor support system within our virtual classroom) support is incorporated via our in-house and face-to-face chat system with teachers. The teachers can view the exact lesson that a student is working on facilitating real-time connection and learning.

In this way, the student learning at a distance can access the help needed when required as they progress through their learning pathways, and truly feel connected to the world of education. 

Our TV guide for on demand lessons with support can be viewed here

Our Classroom has a very unique approach: learners can be learning in a range of ways. Some learners may be in a live lesson, some following pre-programmed lessons, working independently or being supervised in the classroom.

Our UK Trained, experienced and qualified teachers

Our online support tutors and teachers are present for any international learner in:

  • deliver live teaching sessions
  • support the learners with their learning virtually
  • supervise ad-hoc drop-in sessions for learning and studying independently
  • teach scheduled, timetabled sessions for key topics, issues and themes
  • work through demonstrations and presentations
  • answer questions and hold discussions with numerous learners

Learners work with the staff once they are 'placed on to a seat' within the system where they are then ready to follow the subject-specific areas in which one of our staff specialises, for support. 

All our staff are enhanced DBS-checked and all communications are tracked and recorded for safeguarding.

Subjects and Topics available

Through our virtual classroom and online tutors we offer GCSE or iGCSE English and Maths. These are perfect resources to teach students who are on the academic courses.

Our academic content is mapped for English, Maths and Science alongside numerous BTEC courses which are ideal for any learner.  Our e-learning content, diagnostic tests, exams and online teaching support can be timetabled for the following subjects with the touch of a button:

  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE Maths  
  • GCSE Science
  • Primary Literacy 
  • iGCSEs available  
  • Core English, Maths and Science

Our support and experienced teaching staff in Sheffield, England are online, ready to help any learner with any barrier to learning, in order to gain academic qualifications.

Please fill out the 'Contact us' form below or call us on +441909 568 3338 for further information.