EDClass offers a secure and safe support model for your alternative provision, including learners with well-being and mental health learning issues as well as individuals having their behaviours exploited.

Our support model for your alternative provision is a school’s and MAT’s greatest asset when working with students who need to overcome barriers to learning due to behavioural, social, medical, emotional or mental health issues. All students within our support model have a specific learning pathway designed to meet their individual needs.

This includes online support and teaching staff that are available for text chats, audio, live or visual conversations.

Our new approach to virtual classrooms can help students within a school or MAT who have difficulty attending a mainstream provision. Learning, timing and attendance are then personalised per learner and are set out by your rules and regulations.

We provide a safe and secure learning environment for hard-to-reach students, allowing them to achieve, whilst offering educators our online platform and safeguarding tools. This will ensure each student reaches their full potential in a controlled and safe environment. We virtually become your alternative provision through association by agreeing to follow service-level agreements and your policies and procedures.

Parental Access within EDClass

EDClass also provides the opportunity for parents to access their area of the system to track and monitor learner progress. They can see the programme of study that has been assigned and then support learner progress. EDClass also comes with an internal messaging system so the parents, the learner and the teacher can communicate with one another within a secure area.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort into the design of EDClass. Through working closely with our schools we have created a unique alternative provision and school improvement platform that adheres to government safeguarding, well-being and supervision legislation. EDClass is a powerful tool used to remove barriers to learning and allows your pupils to reach their full potential whilst:

  • Safeguarding all learners - This is our priority. Everything is seen, tracked and recorded.
  • Impacting knowledge and understanding - Your learners have access to our teachers and well-being on demand and request.
  • Raising achievement - By tracking, monitoring and reporting students’ learning and progress so that weaknesses can be identified easily and pathways can be altered to meet a student’s needs.
  • Improving attendance - With the help of our teachers, students can claim attendance when working online as EDClass focuses on personal and academic development whilst ensuring no learning is lost. 
  • Reducing exclusions - By presenting an alternative curriculum and approach to learning to interest students before they become disengaged.
  • Assessing progress - Our assessments allow you to compare each student’s standard of attainment against school and national expectations.
  • Offering additional lessons - Focusing on skills that a student needs to practise can be seamlessly integrated into their usual scheme of work.
  • Improving behaviour - Progress, effort and time spent learning can be instantly recognised, praised and rewarded.
  • Offering additional content - Have access to our 17,000 e-learning lessons and our growing library of hybrid video lessons of our staff delivering livestream lessons which interact.