Learning Experience

At EDClass we are able to provide learners with more personalised and convenient learning programmes to suit the learner wherever they may be on the learning continuum. We provide learners with choices about where, when, and how they learn.

Learners follow extensive learning pathways which, due to the ease of its set up, can work very easily with other provisions that are in place. Learners can work independently through a bank of learning content which can replace or support in-school learning thus providing a unique package regardless of environment, facilities or budget. 

We are able to support learners to meet their individual needs. Our platform is online 24/7, giving learners 'anytime, anywhere' accessibility. EDClass has the capacity to engage young people with digital technology, in an environment where most are at ease.

EDClass motivates learners with instant feedback and rewards. Learning pathways are tailor-made for each learner in any educational establishment. Internationally we currently have over 60,000 users in over 200 schools using our methodology, each with their own specific choices as to how they use the platform.

Our provision enables a regulated system so that everything a learner does is tracked which allows the learner to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subjects within their own specific learning pathway (which could include qualifications). 

Within EDClass we strive to think outside of the box to achieve success for (y)our target group of students.