Lesson Observations

Our Observation section of EDClass, is our central staff assessment and CPD portal where any member of the Senior Leading Team or Inspector can stream, live, everything that’s going in a classroom, because everything is being recorded.

The observation section is a transparent and non-threatening platform which allows teachers’ skills and delivery to be captured, evaluated and analysed against national inspection frameworks and schools own standards and targets in:

  • teaching standards
  • classroom management
  • teaching and learning
  • behaviour management
  • pupils progress
  • questioning, stretching and challenging methodologies
  • technology used

Every member of the department can use the platform to identify and tag good or bad:

  • incidents
  • practice
  • teaching
  • learning
  • class management
  • challenging abilities

It can then be used to create action plans to demonstrate your commitment to improving standards in reviews, to Governors and Inspectors, by incorporating all the milestones and procedures which have been put in place.