A Multi Academy Trust Platform

EDClass is a proven platform that was designed especially for a whole Multi Academy Trust.  Our virtual classroom delivers outcomes and destinations for your most all learners throughout your schools and the whole Multi Academy Trust. Within our pioneering virtual classroom, you can use our live teaching platform to educate afocus groups and offer a universal provision for any learner where you can control your seats and deliver an extensive curriculum throughout your trust such as:

  • catch up
  • alternative provision
  • school phobic / school refusers
  • isolation / inclusion / excluded students
  • homework
  • revision
  • recovery / additional learning
  • support sessions

Your staff also can have full access to the system so that you have a unique delivery methodology to teach those students that are hard to reach, excluded, have mental health issues, problems with their health, poor attenders, or school phobic learners.

You control the seats, curriculum delivery and teaching and learning which is personalised to each learner on the platform. Within this platform, safeguarding your learners is paramount as we can display significant focus on learning and progress.

The Multi Academy Trust way

EDClass offers a unique and personalised learning process for any learner impacting your school through our remote learning and Virtual Classroom through our comprehensive and safe eyes on learning platform.

EDClass is proven to:

  • provide an alternative provision for all your schools under one central platform
  • increase attainment
  • enhance positive destinations for all individuals
  • deliver school improvement
  • achieve positive outcomes
  • improve behaviour
  • reduce exclusions

Breaking Barriers to Learning within a Multi Academy Trust

EDClass breaks down barriers to learning for a range of:

  • students not attending school
  • learners with mental health issues
  • hard to reach learner
  • school refuses
  • home educated individuals
  • those individuals affecting attendance, standards and pressures in mainstream classrooms


With online live support, EDClass provides a great tool for motivating and creating a positive learning system for students that may be non–attenders at academies, for a variety of reasons.

Your organisation can use the virtual classroom and support within EDClass to gain attendance through creating individualised programmes and learning pathways for students to follow which can match your specific schemes of work and units of study.

We work in partnership with academies and educational establishments to ensure comprehensive levels of safeguarding, well-being, supervision, monitoring, and tracking of attendance, grades and progress for groups and individuals. Working with EDClass you have the capacity to:

  • Reduce suspensions and exclusions, lower persistent absences and enhance learning whilst simultaneously enabling the students to have the opportunity to work independently.
  • Improve disengaged students’ knowledge and understanding within a range of subjects in a relaxed and enjoyable environment through interactive learning approaches.
  • Increase behaviour, motivation and attendance whilst promoting fun learning.
  • Enable teaching staff to track, monitor and view graphical data of student’s progress in English, Maths and Science and other subjects.
  • EDClass students can also receive attendance grades whilst completing lessons with live online support – the platform tracks idle time online and time in learning.


Students are able to ask for and receive help, feedback, comments and direction from support officers so that all students can progress through their learning pathway.

Support and supervision is given to any individual using any of the virtual classrooms, whether they are on site or off site.

Our support and supervision officers offer a thorough and robust safeguarded provision which addresses Government legislation for alternative provisions on/off site for academies.

Our EDMulti expert support officers have an extensive knowledge of the qualifications we offer and put into place an exclusive pre-evaluation, assessment and feedback service for the students alongside safe supervision.

The online discussions between the teacher and student are recorded for safeguarding purposes but enables the students to ask for help, guidance and assistance securely.

There is total transparency of progress, attendance, attainment and behaviour throughout the system for staff, SLT, parents and students.

Whole Trust usage

We are proud to be an educational platform, learning centre and on the register of training providers. So no matter where a learner is within your trust, EDClass can scaffold their learning through our virtual classroom utilising our live teaching or pre-recorded lessons.

EDClass is an online 24/7 platform so that any student, teacher or parent across the MAT can access the system anytime or anywhere for:

  • online learning schedules
  • homework and revision content
  • late night learning content
  • tracking and learner reports

Your staff, coinciding with our staff, can use the EDClass platform and our staff are online to support between 8am and 6pm. Regular correspondence between our virtual teachers and the staff within the trust is established to achieve learner progress and impact.