A Multi Academy Trust Platform

Our virtual classrooms and provisions are proven to impact your multi-academy trusts and school provision.

EDClass was developed with the SLT, head governor and CEO of the Rodillian Multi-Academy Trust. Their target was simple: to educate all those students who were not attending the 6 schools within the trust, regardless of barriers. 

Your staff and our staff work together with your students to give them support and assistance online whilst following a personalised learning pathway. Within EDClass our qualified teachers work with your teachers, using our online platform and our virtual classrooms to educate the students within your trust. EDClass can give education providers the opportunity to combat staff timetable clashes and staff absence by providing an online, specialist livestream.

Your schools can benefit from our qualified online staff concentrating on educating your short-term off-site students, leaving your staff free to educate your classroom-based students. Students will engage with qualified and experienced teachers online using our tailor-made learning pathways giving your students the best learning opportunities that are available in a virtual learning environment. With EDClass qualified teaching staff, we can support persistent absentees or learners who may suffer from mental health issues.

Our UK-experienced teachers and support staff can help your organisation by implementing:

  • The strategic removal of barriers to learning
  • Early intervention techniques
  • Innovative alternative provision
  • Personalised learning plans
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Distance learning online
  • Additional care for the well-being and mental health of all learners

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