Mental Health

How can we help students with mental health issues, anxiety and depression to feel involved and still a part of the school?

We view it as using stepping stones: helping learners, encouraging them and building their self-esteem, until hopefully they return to school. Over the years EDClass has built different tools and systems to help a multitude of learners, including those with mental health needs. This starts with a re-engagement in education. Students are given encouragement, confidence, emotional support and stepping stones back into education. Deciding your learners’ hours of studying will also benefit learners on medication, for example they may struggle to do any work till the afternoon or early evening.  Many students experience barriers to their learning, be this illness, mental health issues, learning difficulties, SEND or other underlying reasons. Our aim is to provide these students with a secure alternative provision that supports their educational needs while they are unable to make it into a mainstream establishment.

Flexible Learning

Our flexible learning approach gives students an element of control over the time and pace of their learning. Learning is no longer restricted to school hours, allowing students to progress at their own rate away from the pressure of the classroom.

One-to-One Support

Students have access to live online support from our experienced team if they are in need of assistance between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Our qualified teachers will help guide your students through their lessons taking into account their current learning ability.

Audio Support

We offer audio support for auditory learners or students who struggle to read what is on the screen, this feature reads the content aloud and can be repeated as many times as the student needs.

Custom Layouts

Our lessons allow students to customise how they view the material. This includes text colour, background colour, text size and font type (including dyslexia friendly font).

Learners with mental health issues

EDClass is proven to help a range of students with mental health, separation anxiety and depression to still feel involved and be a part of the school. Our aim is to have live teachers that can deliver sessions to these students whenever they are willing to log on and access learning. Our staff and support workers can teach online via our interactive learning platform so any student can work one to one with any online teacher or support worker or in a group task. 

A student can access the platform from any location. We can build there timetable around their learning needs.Students can access live sessions, timetabled lessons, and on demand teaching via EDClass TV .

EDClass TV

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Useful Information

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