Mental Health

Many students experience barriers to their learning, be this illness, mental health issues, learning difficulties, SEND or other underlying reasons. Our aim is to provide these students with a secure alternative provision that supports their educational needs while they are unable to make it into a mainstream establishment.

EDClass is proven to break down barriers to learning for those learners experiencing mental health, exploitation, wellbeing, or attendance issues. No matter where a learner is within your trust or school and regardless of their situation, EDClass can scaffold their learning through our virtual classroom utilising our live teaching or pre-recorded lessons. 

EDClass is an online 24/7 platform so that any student, teacher or parent across the school or MAT can access the system anytime or anywhere for:

  • online learning schedules
  • homework and revision content
  • late-night learning content
  • tracking and learner reports
About EDClass

EDClass is proven to help a range of students with mental health, separation anxiety and depression to still feel involved and be a part of the school. Our aim is to have live teachers that can deliver sessions to these students whenever they are willing to log on and access learning. Our staff and support workers can teach online via our interactive learning platform so any student can work one to one with any online teacher or support worker or in a group task. 

EDClass is available 24/7 for any school or MAT so that any learner, teacher and support worker has

  • access to the virtual platform system
  • access to own UK-qualified and experienced teaching and learning
  • use of our portal and platform in a locked-down application to protect everyone
  • a personalised learning plan
  • assessment and monitoring