Mock Exams and Mock Test

EDClass now enables your learners to complete practice and mock examinations / tests online in order to become familiar with an exam's rubric, style and layout and to develop their confidence and expertise.

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments can use our exam platform with as many different types of security that you require. The system allows a fully locked down application where the exam and test is the only thing that can be accessed or modular / end of unit test and exams for school under your own requirements.  

Likewise your learners can sit actual and secure mock examinations and tests with us, online with or without invigilation. Our team can build any mock exam or test where you can use our secure and locked-down application to create your own mock exams with questions and tasks to address and evidence:

  • Teacher assessment grades
  • Progress made

The platform can also be used alongside mock exams

  • Exam preparation
  • Diagnostic exams and assessments
  • Baseline testing

We have three types of exam available to you and your learners to improve their knowledge, understanding and exam techniques for these brand new syllabuses and exams that are core units within each qualification.

1) Open Exams

Open at all times within EDClass for the learners to get constant practice and feedback.

2) Custom Mock Exams

These are available only when your school wants to release them. These will then be unlocked at certain times for your learners to complete.

3) Closed ‘Out of Hours’ Exams

These exams are available only out of hours, which are timed for your learners to put into practice their knowledge in their own time.

Please remember... our testing and exam portal can match any exam or school testing requirements with or without invigilation and proctoring.

Call us on 01909 568 338 or fill in the details below to discuss using our exam application.