Off-Site Learning

EDClass enables us to support and supervise learners off-site.

We work with you so that you can:

  • see the learners as they work, live, via a secure stream
  • chat face-to-face with off-site learners
  • view their learning progress, offer mentoring, support and assistance
  • view learners' answers/responses live
  • mentor learners via a secure verbal or written chat
  • set a structured and timetabled pathway for any learner so that mentors and tutors can assist learners at specific times

This approach can dramatically improve learners’ attendance and attainment; very important for learners with a short-term exclusion, 6th day provision or learners who may be school phobic, anxious or suffering from issues of mental health.

Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with off-site learning in mind, to ensure learner safety is paramount and the best that is available in an online learning environment. EDClass also has the facility to ensure staff can maintain constant contact with learners that are being educated off-site.

Our teaching staff are available to the learner at the click of a button and will help guide learners through their lesson/work. The work learners complete will also be marked by EDClass teachers. All video recordings are saved and sent directly to your IT technicians to store and back-up for data protection, child protection and safeguarding protocols.