AP impacts after pandemic

The pandemic caused an incredible amount of lost learning for children, severely impacting their education and prospects. Early intervention and implementing the right support, at the right time, at the right place are crucial if children are to have better experiences and outcomes in education. 

A massive focus on raising attendance and safeguarding students using an effective online alternative provision can be integrated once due diligence checks are completed. Providing real impact for students can be achieved if there are specific procedures in place for them. 

EDClass White Paper 2022 - A report into the role of alternative provision from the pandemic and its impact into the future

EDClass 2022 white paper front cover

This report outlines the experiences within the education sector during the pandemic. It also focuses on the effectiveness online learning can display within alternative provision settings, and what alternative provisions should consist of.

EDClass’s online alternative provision methodology working with schools has been supporting students online with full safeguarding mechanisms integrated.

EDClass conducted a quantitative survey with its current customers to inform the EdTech community about the legitimate needs of Senior Leadership Teams (SLT), schools and academies when it comes to alternative provisions. Read the white paper by clicking the image or by clicking here