Parent Testimonials

EDLounge Review


As a concerned parent facing the reality that my 4 children (aged 11, 9, 5 and 3) would be away from the structure of school for an uncertain amount of time, I was sceptical when another parent from my daughters' school recommended EDClass but they absolutely loved it, lots of variety and even though my children's ages ranged, they were able to find something to keep them not just amused and occupied, but most importantly educated. I am more than happy to recommend the service.


Mr A Brown, Parent


I was increasingly concerned that the revised GCSE English Language exam would be too demanding for my son who has autism and a language disorder. The EDClass software platform from EDClass gave my son the opportunity to develop his reading and writing skills at his own pace and maintain his self-esteem by providing him with a stepping stone qualification to work towards. The presentation element of this qualification was a fantastic way to engage him and helped him become more confident with techniques to use in his writing.


Mrs Cusack, Parent


Our daughter has been working through the demo account and is actually smiling again. This is definitely the route we need to go down. She is much more relaxed and actually enjoys learning.