The PE Office VLE is a knowledge bank of unique and essential resources for anyone involved in sport. Our virtual platform includes; a comprehensive assessment framework; video and performance analysis; a virtual classroom; a teaching content library; and resource building facilities.

We also have an online shop where you can make one-off purchases of all of our new and updated schemes of work, lesson plans, assessment and evaluation sheets.

We deliver a high-quality online platform dedicated for PE Teachers, coaches and learners. Here are the main elements:

1. Practical Planning and resources

  • Schemes of Work
  • Lesson plans
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation Sheets
Athletics Lesson Plan (Click to view)
Basketball Scheme of Work (Click to view)
Badminton Assessment Sheet (Click to view)

2. Theoretical plans and resources

As part of the subscription package, you have access to a range of interactive lessons, quizzes and games with extensive tracking and assessment for

  • GCSE
  • BTEC
  • iGCSE

3. Analysis

Our software is a unique tool you can use to video, analyse, evaluate and question individual performers or groups. This portal is great for:

  • GCSE and BTEC Sport Analysis
  • Teaching and Coaching
  • Officiating
  • Sports performance for school teams and academies

Our Video Performance analysis software enables you to live pause a game and:

  • ask questions
  • breakdown a skill
  • evaluate performances
  • praise teammates or individuals

4. Exams and Revision

Within the learning environment you can create:

  • secure locked down exams
  • mock exams
  • baseline tests
  • timed revision sessions
  • revision and games 

5. Extra Curricular portal

You can use the platform to create and arrange:

  • fixtures
  • leagues
  • friendlies
  • tours

Arrange these with friends or any relevant ability group in a radius of your choice

5. Assessment

Our assessment can be:

  • criteria-based
  • knowledge-based
  • skills-based
  • bespoke

6. Personalised Learning

Is a learning platform to help your students improve their outcomes through a personalised e-learning pathway for homework and independent study

7. Virtual Classroom 

Is the Virtual Classroom which your staff can use in fixed periods to help disengaged students gain qualifications, attend an online classroom to:

  • catch up
  • set up revision sessions
  • group tasks
  • homework 
  • timed revision

Please call our Team on 01909 776 900 for more information or a free 20 minute demonstration.