PE Exams

Our sister company (EDExams) is an affiliated exam portal for two major examination boards. This enables us to work with you and your students to practice and complete mock exams to create a well-rounded and unique approach for any qualification under secure software especially for GCSE PE or a baseline theory test for Physical Education.

Our exams are available at all times so that the students have constant access to practice, feedback and development.

The Exam Portal

The exam section of the portal enables locked-down and secure exams that can be used for: 

  • modular exams
  • mock exams
  • diagnostic exams
  • baseline tests

The PE exam portal provides:

  • access to online learning and progress made
  • individual results pages after each test which include grading and information for development
  • clearly highlighted strengths and weaknesses in learning and revision
  • instant results

Exams Online

You can use our secure and locked-down application to create your own: 

  • Contextualised exams
  • Mock exams
  • Diagnostic exams and tests
  • Timed questions
  • Baseline testing

We have three types of exams available to you and your students:

1) Open PE Exams

Open at all times within PE Office for the students to get constant practice, feedback and development.

2) Custom Mock PE Exams

These are available only when your school wants to release them. These will then be unlocked at certain times for your students to complete.

3) Closed ‘Out of Hours’ PE Exams

These exams are available only out of hours, which are timed for your students to put into practice their knowledge in their own time.


How to build your own PE Exams

Interested in our online mock exam platform?

  1. Call 01909 776 900 for a free discussion and demo of the exam portal
  2. We will set up your initial exam sitting for you.
  3. Your staff sit the exam to check and give the go-ahead.
  4. Learners sit the exam. The exam is secure and locked down
  5. Your staff access the mark sheet and mark the exam
  6. Students receive comments and grades
  7. Make results live and use the comprehensive tracking and reporting tools to show baseline and diagnostic data.


PE Office enables you to use our diagnostic PE exams, or we can create your own custom diagnostic exams. This great tool enables you to have diagnostic tools and exams that can help you test the level of each learner within Physical Education.

The diagnostic exams are powerful because they allow staff, pupils and parents to access a report and can have a clear insight into the learner's:

  • Level
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Objectives
  • Milestones

Practical Exams

Within our e-learning platform, we have created numerous mock PE exams that are ideal for your BTEC PE and GCSE students to practice them on. 

We can also offer your students these exams online securely and locked down that can be used as revision, dummy exams, mock exams, or practice exams which could be taken under exam conditions

Our exams can be turned on and off with just the touch of a button, allowing them to only be open within specific bespoke times for your establishment.

Our PE Exam Platform – Overview

Our mock exams offering allows you to create and manage online exams for your students with the ultimate aim of providing detailed feedback to be used for revision purposes.

You have the option to use:

  • your own exam materials,
  • an exam that we have already created,
  • or we will create the exam on our system for you.

Mock Exam Platform – Feedback

As soon as an entire exam sitting has been submitted, the answer papers will be delegated to our team of markers. We will then mark the exam papers, providing detailed feedback for each answer that each candidate has given. The feedback spreadsheet will then be sent to the school/teacher within 4 working days after the exam sitting finished.