Primary Maths

Primary Maths Video Lessons

We have a range of on-demand maths video lessons. Below is an example of one of our Rounding lessons:

Primary Maths Lessons

Our primary maths lessons are designed to be accessible by every pupil and are able to be tailored to suit each individual's learning needs. All answers are tracked and recorded, showing you clear evidence of attainment and progress over time. Strengths and weaknesses are easily identifiable, allowing additional lessons to be applied focusing on specific skills that a pupil needs to practice.

Our primary maths lessons are filled with media-rich content including scale drawings, doodle pads and calculators.

Primary Maths Games

Balloon Times
Topic: Multiplication
This light-hearted balloon game will test your times table knowledge. Groups of numbered balloons will appear and a target times table to complete. You simply need to pop the right balloons in the right order for as many target times tables as possible.
Balance Bridge
Topic: Weights & Measurements
Welcome to Edopolis, the city famous for its unique balancing bridges. In order to cross these bridges, you will need to balance them correctly using a collection of weights. If the weights don’t match then you may be in for a fall. Hope you’re not scared of heights!
Addus Maximus
Topic: Addition
It’s time to test your number skills once again at the temple of numeracy in Addus Maximus. The temple elders will be testing your adding ability. They will give you a target number that you need to make using a set of Roman numeral terracotta tiles. Create number chains that correctly add up to the target score. Make as many chains as you can before you run out of time!
Topic: Time Management
You are a personal shopper under the employment of the brand new Chicago’s Mall. Your job is to quickly navigate the mall and collect specific items for clients. Get through as many client shopping lists as possible before your shift is over.
Snappy Shapes
Topic: Shapes
Snappy Shapes is an easy-to-play card game based on the classic game of snap. The cards you play with are linked to specific shapes. Each shape has 3 unique cards linked to them. These cards are the shape name, the shape image and the number of sides in the shape. You need to find and match the 3 linking cards from a larger group of cards. Link as many cards as possible before the time runs out!
Wild Card
Topic: Probability
Higher or lower and choose your colour. Test your probability skills in this prediction card game. Your challenge is to successfully predict what type of card (higher or lower, red or black) is going to come next.
Topic: Shapes
Hoards of alien triangles have amassed near to earth, threatening its survival. You are tasked with getting rid of these creatures. To do so you need to create triangular portals around the aliens to evaporate them. You will need to make specific triangles that match particular triangle species and shapes. Make your planet proud.
Add It Up
Topic: Addition
Test your mental agility with this fast-paced adding game. Create a number of chains to reach a target score as quickly as possible!
Shape Mania
Topic: Shapes
Welcome to the Shape Mania builders' yard. Construction is underway of a new super tower complex. The builders need you to send them up to shape the material so they can continue construction. Through a series of levels, you must fit these shapes into crates that can be sent up to the builders. If they don't fit then the crate will come crashing down and delay the construction!
Topic: Money
You are a new employee at the Tillicious superstore. Your job is to man the till during the busy period in the store. You need to pack customer’s shopping and handle their money. You’ll need to hurry to get through as many customers as possible before the busy period time runs out.
Shoot the Fruit
Topic: Sums
Crossbows at the ready! Test your maths skills in this fruit shooting game. Your aim is to complete sums by shooting fruits that have the answers on them. Get as many answers correct with the available bolts. If you are good enough then you may even get the Midas touch!
Smooth Operator
Topic: Sums
Smooth Operator is a simple sums game. You will be given an incomplete sum where the operators are missing. Your aim is to place in the correct operators in order to complete the sum.
Roman Stack
Topic: Sums
It’s time to test your number skills at the temple of numeracy in Roman Stack. Your task is to find correct Roman numeral tiles and build as many terracotta number tile stacks as possible. You need to do this before you run out of time. The stacks you build will be later used by the temple elders for complicated calculations.
Shape Prints
Topic: Shapes
Shape Prints is a basic shape-identifying game. You will be given a number of pattern blueprints to check. Your task is to identify the number of different shapes in the patterns before the prints are moved on. Try and get through as many blueprints as possible before the time runs out.
Paint Sum Pictures
Topic: Sums
It’s time to get artistic in this colourful arithmetic-based game. Choose from a selection of pictures to paint. The paint, however, will not attach to the canvas unless you correctly answer a mathematical sum. Grab your paintbrush and let's' Paint Sum Pictures'.
Paper Pult
Topic: Angles
Get ready for some paper pulping fun. Your aim is to knock over the sketched fortifications and men using a catapult fashioned from everyday stationery. You will have to set up the angle of your shots. Try and complete levels using as few shots as possible in order to gain more points. All that is left to say is... ready, aim, FIRE!
Rolling Rolling
Topic: Probability
Let's shake, rattle and roll! It's time to see just how good your probability skills are. Your aim is to correctly predict the outcome of your dice rolls. Try and get as many correct in a row to increase your score multiplier and to become a rolling rolling ace.
Prime Bandits
Topic: Prime Numbers
The aim of the game is to shoot the prime number aliens and avoid the composite number aliens. Think fast as the aliens come quickly.
Piece of Cake
Topic: Fractions/Decimals/Percentages
Welcome to the ‘Piece of Cake’ patisserie. We pride ourselves on making the best custom-made cakes that combine a mixture of delicious flavours. If you feel like a half blueberry and half coffee cake or even a quarter chocolate and three quarters candy cake then come on down. Our dedicated staff aims to make your unique cake correctly to your specifications as quickly as possible. It’s just a piece of cake.
Plot to Plot
Topic: Coordinates
In Plot to Plot, you will need to try and create shapes by correctly completing puzzling plotting problems. Make shapes by correctly marking out their coordinates. Try and build as many shapes as possible before you run out of time.
Money Matcher
Topic: Money
It’s time to test your monetary skills in Money Matcher. Use coins and notes to make correct values of money in order to solve a series of numerical conundrums
Hole Shapes
Topic: Shapes/Sums
Is it possible to get a square peg in a round hole? It is in Hole Shapes. You need to try and alter shapes so that they will fit into particular holes. Use a calculator to increase and decrease the number of sides on the shapes. Be careful though as some of the buttons have a habit of going missing.
Fraction Tanks
Topics: Fractions
Prepare yourself for battle. Lead a tank convoy to push through the enemy blockades. Your tanks will be painted with fraction numbers. Your aim is to destroy enemy tanks that are painted with equivalent fractions. Our intelligence suggests that these vehicles are the weak points in the enemy lines. Good luck soldier!
Topic: Sum
Edoku is an alternative take on a classic brain training game. You will need to complete grids where each row and column has to be filled with numbers between 1 and 9. Numbers cannot repeat in a row or column and must match up to the inequality symbols on each grid.
Number Blox
Topic: Sums
This is a fun and simple adding game. Who needs fingers for counting when you can use a colourful set of number blocks? Use your blocks to work out as many counting conundrums as possible before the timer runs out
Javelin Thrower
Topic: Estimation
As an athlete, you need to train your mind as well as your body. In this game, you will be practising your javelin throwing skills. Try and throw javelins as far you can whilst taking into account power and wind. You will also need to estimate how far you have thrown your projectile in order to gain points. It’s time to throw, guess and go.
Glow Angles
Topic: Angles
Your aim in this game is to collect as many fireflies as possible. These, however, are no ordinary bugs. These are a unique species known as angle fireflies which come in different types such as acute, obtuse, reflex and many more. During your hunt, you will need to catch specific types of angle fireflies to add to your collection. It’s time to grab your net and start catching.
Game on Darts
Topic: Sums
Get ready to play some darts. You can play three different game types which are target score, countdown and blackout. In the target score, you need to reach a certain score in as few darts as possible. In countdown, you need to get from a score to zero in as few darts as possible. In a blackout, you need to reach a target score in as few darts as possible but you can’t use a section more than once. 
Fly By
Topic: Shapes
Good morning recruits! Your mission, if you are daring enough to accept it, is to liberate vital supplies from the villainous enemy. You must liberate the correct supplies that HQ has specified. Avoid other supplies as they are surely sabotaged. Tally-Ho and chocks away!
Choco Block
Topic: Fractions/Decimals/Percentages
Choco Block is a chocolaty numeracy game that puts your fractions knowledge to the test. Your aim is to fill as many chocolate containers with the right amount of delicious confectionery before you run out of time.
Flight Math
Topic: Sums
Flight Math enables you to train your mathematical skills whilst flying around our flight simulator
Topic: Maths
A simple maths game that tests your addition, subtraction, division and multiplication using dominoes. Your goal is to create the longest domino chain possible within a time limit.
Factor Fury
Topic: Fractions/Decimals/Percentages
Get ready for some factor fury fun. You are a factor destroying node that must navigate its way through the numerical ether. Your aim is to get rid of numbers that are factors of a target number. Use both your maths skills and flying ability to achieve your goals. 
Topic: Shapes
Breakthrough the tiles to reveal images and questions in this game of skill and knowledge. Use one ball or risk them all in the pursuit of points. 3 game modes to test your knowledge while you smash tiles using various powerup balls.
Cracking Clocks
Topic: Time
Time locked vaults are the latest rage in treasure security. They can only be opened by matching the time ‘codes’ of both the analogue and digital clock locks. You need to try and open as many of these vaults a possible within a given time limit. How much gold can you collect?
Buccaneer Booty
Topic: Coordinates
Players will be given a set of directions. You need to follow the directions in order to find the buried treasure. Press the 'Dig!' button when you think you are at the treasure location.
Topic: Prime Numbers
Help Sketch navigates his way up the page in this balloon bouncing game. You need to bounce on correct balloons in order to progress higher. Don’t land on any incorrect ones though or you might be in for a hard landing. Get as high up the page as you can. You never know, you might get to the top.
Archer Ace
Topic: Multiplication
Test your skills in this all-time classic Archer game. Answer questions to gain arrows and then shoot the moving targets. Simply try and get the highest score with the arrows available to you. How many bullseye's can you get?
Duck Shoot
Topic: Multiplication
Roll up, roll up! Test your skills in this all-time classic carnival game. Answer questions to gain time to shoot as many ducks as possible!
Hook a Duck
Topic: Multiplication
Roll up, roll up! Test your skills in this all-time classic carnival game. Answer questions to gain hooks then hook up as many targets as possible.
Camel Racing
Topic: Multiplication
It's time to race! Test yourself in this classic mechanical fairground game. Answer multiple-choice questions to earn throwing balls. Use the balls to hit the target area to make your racer move. Use both speed and skill to beat the other racers