Primary Schools

EDClass can be used by primary schools to impact many different target groups. There are 12,000 quality, pre-recorded lessons, along with supporting lessons, fun learning games, tests, exams, quizzes and assessment.  Alongside these EDClass can impact teaching and learning by allowing your students instant access to blended live and on-demand lessons with real-time monitoring of learner’s progress. These recorded lessons of UK Qualified teachers delivering lessons and fun interactive games help deliver topics in: 

We can help your primary school to:

  • Access over 12,000 ready-made lessons
  • Access to 120 English Maths and Science games
  • Access learning resources, lessons and gamers for MFL (French) and PSHE 
  • Provide Makaton learning aids and resources 
  • Safeguard all students who are on a seat
  • Provide cover for classes or entire year groups using our flexible approach
  • Support the most vulnerable students with mental health difficulties
  • Allow personal space and boundaries
  • Provide flexible learning, set-up and timing for pupils and staff
  • Provide 24/7 access to learning
  • Enable pupils to learn remotely
  • Improve pupil motivation to learn
  • Monitor and track attendance
  • Create an engaging environment for any learner learning off-site 
  • Access catch-up lessons and sessions
  • Safeguard and train staff with CPD 
  • Impact children from deprived and low-income households with fully accessible and remote learning resources
  • Provide your vulnerable pupils with support from our Well-being Officers

The teacher portal enable teachers to :

Set pathways for learning to deliver

  • class room work
  • at home for homework
  • home schooling
  • additional work
  • catch up topics and subjects
  • fun challenges for pupils
  • differentiate learning
  • break out lessons
  • plenaries
  • independent study time
  • wet weather periods

Evidence within EDClass

You can also:

  • Track learning
  • Monitor activity and performance of students
  • Modify games/quizzes to match classroom learning
  • Manage and add new students
  • Manage and add new members of staff
  • View student reports
  • View student logs
  • View the strengths and weaknesses of each student

The students portal:

  • Access to learning with rewards via the Games, pre record videos of lessons and animated videos
  • Complete learning pathways
  • Learn independently
  • Share and play games with family and friends
  • Remote Learning
  • Maths/English/Science Games that follow the National Curriculum
  • Makaton signs, symbols and sounds
  • 23 languages available in written and verbal communications

As we design school packages bespoke to each individual school, our prices may vary depending on what package you are interested in. 

Learning games and rewards within EDClass

Our games have been designed around the English, Maths, Science, PSHE, and e-safety Curriculum to support the educational needs of children ages 4 to 11 and SEN students of all ages. We focus on tough-to-teach topics and important life skills as well as the development of children's academic ability. Our library features 120+ educational games and our virtual world EDVille. With 23 different languages (including Makaton) incorporated into each individual game, this provides support for ESOL and EAL students, as well as allowing students to learn a new language if they wish to.

Teachers and students will be given log in details, to access different sides of the platform. Here are just a few ways EDClass can benefit both your students and teachers:

ESOL and EAL learning resources

Here are all the languages that have been translated within our system for you ESOL / EAL delivery.

We are proud to highlight that EDClass can address the following issues:

  • Encouraging pupil engagement
  • Home schooling
  • Catch up delivery and sessions for missed learning through interactive games
  • Pupils experiencing separation anxiety
  • Having a positive alternative provision where students are learning
  • Staff absences and staff shielding
  • Assessing and tracking pupils accurately and continuously
  • Rural delivery to pupils
  • One to one support to small classroom delivery

EDClass Pricing Schedule Per Primary School Whole School Usage

Academic YearTermHalf Term
Whole school Access for Multiple

We do discounts for MATs
and multiple schools
£1495 - Buy before 23rd July 2021£750£495
Payment plans to avoid procurement/budget restrictions available for a primary school or across the Multi Academy Trust - call us on 01909 568 338 for more details.

Price Per Seat for Individual Usage - Primary

Price per seat per student to have individual access with our teachers offering on-demand or live teaching support with a student or focus group. These can automatically be shared between students for additional support to impact numerous provisions.
Academic YearTermHalf Term
One student access per seat
(which can be interchangeable)

We do discounts for seats across
MATs and multiple schools
£995 - Buy before 23rd July 2021£545£375
Payment plans to avoid procurement/budget restrictions available for using seats across multiple seats across multi venues, primary schools and MAT to address varying needs for focus groups - call us on 01909 568 338 for more details.