Primary Science

Primary Science Video Lessons

We have a range of on-demand science lessons available. Below is an example of one of our biology lessons:

Primary Science Lessons

Our primary science lessons are designed to be accessible by every pupil and are able to be tailored to suit each individual's learning needs. All answers are tracked and recorded, showing you clear evidence of attainment and progress over time. Strengths and weaknesses are easily identifiable, allowing additional lessons to be applied focusing on specific skills that a pupil needs to practice.

Our primary science lessons are filled with media-rich content to help pupils in their learning.

Primary Science Games

Atom Lab
Topic: Atoms & Elements
This is the atom lab where you have to build the requested atoms. Players need to drag the particles from the tube on the right to create the right combination of protons, electrons, and neutrons. The aim is to create as many atoms as possible in the given time. 
Balance Bridge
Topic: Balance & Weights
Welcome to Edopolis, the city famous for its unique balancing bridges. The aim is to balance the bridge in order to cross it successfully. The pupil must place the given weights into the baskets on both sides of the bridge. The weights will need to match each other otherwise there will be a fall.
Topic: Blood Circulation
This is the pipe puzzle game where players need to correctly connect the flow of blood from the heart to particular organs. Link the oxygenated blood to an organ and the deoxygenated blood from the organ back to the heart. Once this is done, players will be given information on the particular organ.
Fly By
Topic: Shapes, Metals, Food, Energy, Acid & Alkalis
The mission is to liberate supplies from the enemy in order to foil their dastardly plans. Players must fly and shoot at enemies whilst collecting items from the chosen topic. Chocks away!

Magnet Mayhem
Topic: Magnetism & Materials
Welcome to the Rust Recycling facility. Players aim to collect magnetic material and put them into the recycling smelter. They must find the magnetic material and you will get points for every item you recycle.
Topic: Coding
Help to overcome multiple code layers and get to the end node. Players will be given 4 different codes; move, rotate, wait and reset. They will be followed with a bracket and that will either be the degrees to turn or the spaces moved.
Topic: Charts, Energy, Materials, Energy Sources & Types of Waves
Who said libraries were boring? In this quick categorizing game, players need to place books on the correct shelves. Place as many books as possible within the time limit. 
Space Explorer
Topics: Solar System
It's time to look towards the vast emptiness of space. Players will use a giant telescope to find and identify the many planets and moons within our solar system.
Temple of Ra
Topics: Light & Reflection
Players must change the angles of the surface to reflect the light but only certain surfaces reflect the light. The aim is to power the sun crystals with light so you can further explore the temple depths.