EDClass realises that reintegration back into school is the main objective. There is a constant review process and assessment to determine when the pupil is ready to return. An appropriate support package is readily available to assist in the reintegration process for pupils. Students have designated pathways of learning that allow them to work at their own pace with the content being mapped to the current curriculum. UK-qualified teachers support students when they may be struggling and help overcome anything that may be preventing them from successfully reintegrating back into school. Behaviour repair tools and instant access to an extensive library of recorded lessons with live support are available. This allows students to receive a broad and balanced education that will support their reintegration into mainstream schooling. Reintegration is a key component of a placement with EDClass. Schools can work with EDClass to design a reintegration strategy suitable for a pupil who returns to school following a suspension and for managing behaviour effectively.

Some of your students might just need a fresh start and EDClass could be the perfect solution. EDClass helps the reintegration of pupils by helping them to understand the impact of their behaviour and teaches them how to meet high expectations through online learning. EDClass’ expert teaching team helps foster a renewed sense of belonging and builds engagement with learning.

Students are in contact daily with students when they are learning through high-quality content online and even act as designated pastoral professionals for you. Everything is constantly recorded and your school is well-informed of your students’ progress. EDClass was designed initially for your learners to have a structured learning pathway whilst in inclusion or detention so that they can be reintegrated back into mainstream education at the same level of learning as their peers.

  • Content can be mapped to the core, academic and vocational curriculum
  • EDClass reduces exclusion, detention and inclusion incidents
  • We offer structured inclusion, detention and exclusion resource banks
  • We have behaviour tracking, repair tools & resources
  • We pride ourselves on online support for any issue
  • Behaviour content is mapped to an individual’s needs

EDClass delivers virtual teaching, live or recorded sessions to a range of students in alternative provision and those learning offsite.

The secure virtual classroom from EDClass (our own software and no third-party software) delivers learning sessions, timetabled sessions, and recorded presentations that are safe and securely mapped to your curriculum. Your students have instant access to our extensive library of recorded video lessons and associated e-learning lessons with a teacher available live to support them in learning and any barrier issues.

Reintegration Case Study

EDClass recently spoke to Stuart Cann, Assistant Head Teacher at Trinity Church of England High School regarding their students using the online platform. Mr Cann said:

“We have had students on for a range of things. Some students worked from home on EDClass because of incidents including exclusions or we have had students working on it as a part of supporting their reintegration back into school.”

EDClass can support students who are unable to attend school for a variety of reasons: students who are absent due to exclusion, medical grounds - or whatever their circumstance - can continue their education using the online platform so they are not left behind. Young people’s mental health during the pandemic has suffered with many worrying about the effects it has had on their education. EDClass has UK-qualified teachers and support staff who can help students with concerns that may arise. Mr Cann also said:

“In terms of mental health, when a student isn’t in school they do tend to worry about missing lessons so EDClass gives them the opportunity for them to continue with the lessons they would have that day. It also allows them not to suffer about concerns or worries about being behind.”

Students using the platform can maintain attendance and attainment levels from mainstream school. In addition to this, support from EDClass’ teachers can help elevate a student’s understanding of a certain topic they may be struggling with. Mr Cann added:

“We generally use EDClass as a short-term gap whilst we are supporting students for whatever they require. In terms of their educational attainment, the students are still engaged with their school work when they are not in school. It provides them the opportunity to keep working for whatever reason they cannot be in school at that time, so it provides that link between home and school.”

Constant support is available and students can engage with interactive content that assesses them throughout to track their progress. EDClass works in collaboration with schools ensuring student safety and progress. Additionally, Mr Cann stated:

“We have students in a support unit and students access the platform through there and we use it as a very efficient way to get work to them. I find the support fantastic, often we use it as a short-term measure for a variety of reasons and the staff are really supportive. The staff have supported me and my team with the platform and it is done so efficiently and I am really appreciative of that.”

During the summer holidays, students will still be able to access thousands of lessons and content that can help them recover lost education due to the pandemic. The platform can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a student and is easy to use. Mr Cann said:

“I would recommend EDClass, it’s the supportive nature, it’s the ease of getting set up and students on. We have even been able to take parents through it easily and it’s the continuity of education for however long it is required for that student for whatever reason.”