Remote Education

EDClass is a valuable whole-school learning approach that enables any learner to have their own personal education learning plan that in turn matches your curriculum using our remote education platform. You can also apply the school's or department's testing and assessment strategy to our learning platform which comes complete with tracking and monitoring of outcomes, gaps in learning and targets.

Our ethos is to work in partnership with your organisation to offer a high-quality provision that impacts teaching and learning. Every learner placed onto the learning system has a personalised learning pathway that is created through a diagnostic tool that analyses their gaps of knowledge, missed learning, and future topics that have not been accessed to enable learning and progress to take place.

The EDClass system has a unique approach created by a group of educationalists and safeguarding experts, so that all elements of the journey from learning, testing, benchmarking, monitoring and additional teaching to support is evidenced alongside reports for positive progress, achievement and destinations. Any individual can access the learning portal to learn instantly and interactively by accessing the on demand lessons of UK Qualified teachers teaching in our classrooms followed by assessment, test, and additional learning content. You can match your pupils learning curriculum and programmes of study to your sequence of testing and assessment strategy. 

Learners can start this journey by watching practicing UK teachers teach on-demand lessons that have questions, assessments and tests within the lessons and a pathway is created with additional lessons and additional resources that are all tracked and mark by our teachers. The learners can view the teacher, the teacher and the screen or just the screen. Teachers, designated safeguarding leads and HLTAs are also online to support with learning, deliver on-demand lessons, timetabled sessions, help with safeguarding concerns, or teach live lessons to support and assist all those in personalised target groups or in whole school situations. There are additional lessons, resources, quizzes and virtual content available for every learner to access when they require.

At EDClass we aim to meet the needs of all learners, in all aspects of the curriculum to ensure consistency throughout whilst working remotely. We will aim to assist in the implementation and engagement of the learners and view the impact of the whole process through the triangulation between EDClass, your organisation and the learner. Any learner can learn remotely and access the on-demand and live lessons with UK teachers and support assistants.

EDClass helps you map your curriculum to support you bridge the attainment gaps. With a clear mapping of the skills, knowledge and understanding and constant support from our teaching we aim to benefit all parties. We offer this especially in English, Maths and Science but offer so much more vocational content with more each day being added. By incorporating EDClass into your assessment policies we can ensure that our system matches your processes and inform our UK qualified teachers to assist, guide, stretch and challenge all learners.

EDClass can be used remotely to help support, teach, implement and assist:

  • Targeted support sessions via on-demand and live sessions
  • Catch up learning
  • Additional English, maths and science learning
  • Homework
  • Intervention
  • Extracurricular learning clubs
  • Summer school teaching and learning
  • Time periods for recovery or missed learning
  • Home-educated students with prior learning and returning back
  • Stretching and challenging
  • Reconnect learners with hard-to-teach topics
  • Isolation and Exclusion
  • Alternative Provision

EDClass incorporates a range of tests that can be scheduled into a personalised testing, assessment and sequenced learning experience for each pupil to highlight and assist catch up, progress, recovery or to stretch learning. Alongside this, there are teacher-led, continuous and structured assessments.

We provide a unique approach that includes testing to evidence impact and progress that includes:

  • baseline tests
  • mock, termly, or half-term tests
  • end of unit tests
  • benchmark tests
  • topic reviews
  • gap analysis
  • prior knowledge tests
  • diagnostic tests

We hope to work alongside your organisation so that we can evidence the impact and allow your students to have the best possible outcomes, raise standards and attainment.