The EDClass platform treats safeguarding as its highest priority. Safeguarding our young people, teaching staff and staff is paramount. All our staff:

  • are COVID-19 Psychological First Aid training
  • are trained at the DSL level
  • have enhanced DBS checks
  • are list 99 checked (Teaching staff and HLTAs)
  • have strong relationships with local agencies

How EDClass safeguards and protects your learners

  • Every keystroke and mouse movement is recorded for engagement
  • The system has an active learning and location referencing mechanism that is related to artificial intelligence that tracks eyes and body movements
  • All parents, staff and learners can view progress and chat logs
  • The microphone is recorded
  • Idle time is tracked and recorded alongside answers written
  • The webcam shows the learner in 1st person
  • Each entry to new learning, forum discussion and classroom is PIN coded and encrypted by the well-being controller
  • It is sent to the teacher, HLTA, safeguarding team and Head of Behaviour alongside any invigilator, or assessor, then encrypted to the cloud server
  • Emergency safety alert button
  • Face-to-face learning
  • Meet and greet with tutors and wellbeing officers daily
  • Every learner on EDClass is unique and special cases can activate a tailored alert and support structure within their learning timetable.

EDClass can tailor an alert system based on each student’s inactivity on the system.

We have numerous safeguarding tools in our online Virtual Classrooms, which include students offsite letting us know how they are on a daily basis. Alert mechanisms, video/chat support, marking and various other industry-leading tools are included.

Online Access

Online Access

Our platform can be accessed at any time from any location with an internet connection that your school deems appropriate for learning.

This will help schools and centres educate those hard-to-reach learners who have difficulty attending mainstream provisions.



We can offer any individual that is on the system, whether they are on-site or off-site, support through their learning.

All of our Support Officers are uniquely trained to have extensive knowledge and understanding of our lessons, system, qualifications, methodology, exams, coursework and practical elements.

Safety Questionnaire

Safety Questionnaires

Students will complete a safety questionnaire at the beginning of a session to confirm that they feel safe, have the correct equipment and are ready to learn.

The questions can be edited and personalised to suit individual students.



While on the system, students will have access to an alert button.

If at any point there is an emergency or change in circumstances, the student can use the alert button to alert the relevant staff at your establishment via; email, text and phone call.

Chat Logs

Chat Logs

All written communication between your students and our tutors are recorded is backed up for safeguarding purposes.

All chat logs, videos and audio from your students and teachers using the Virtual Classroom are recorded and exported to your establishment.

Our Senior Safeguarding Team is made up of industry-leading experts who have passed their Designated Safeguarding Lead course, with a strict hierarchy in the processes and reporting system. They have also undertaken the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults course. Students can access the support mechanism within EDClass instantly once they are logged on to our online virtual portal classroom and seats. This is where teachers and assistants can be seen live teaching and supporting your learners. Once in a seat, the Livestream starts for safeguarding and the learner can ask for assistance any time; face-to-face, through verbal chat, instant chat, written chat, or question and answer sessions.

Once implemented, EDClass and our staff can deliver high-quality education and support to impact those students whose behaviours are exploited outside of school.

Click here to download the EDClass Safeguarding Policy.  Last updated: 09/05/2023