Consultancy Services

Our Safeguarding Consultancy services can be tailor made for your organisation in an impartial review setting.

We have several consultants who are Professionalising Investigation Programme 2 qualified and have significant experience of investigating high-risk individuals. These consultants are also National Safeguarding Panel members for Sports Resolution UK. What are the benefits of an independent investigation? They won’t have to take into consideration existing relationships or office gossip; they will only collect evidence and use that evidence to make a balanced and neutral finding. 

The benefit of an independent party is also that they will provide an outsider perspective. You can also rely on our independent investigators to be a wealth of knowledge, as it is their job to know everything and anything about workplace investigation processes. They will also be there to answer any questions you may have, so you will not only be acting on your behalf but also will educate you on the investigation process. One of the most important benefits is that an independent investigator with specialist skills in the legislation, psychology, and the process, will have extensive experience in investigating all types of incidents, minor or major, and you can rest easy that they will know what exactly what they’re doing. The industry knowledge and experience they have will be invaluable to your organisation. We can carry out a thorough independent investigation on behalf of your organisation. The report can be used to support your organisation to make a decision about an individual. We will also support any subsequent police investigation and court/ discipline proceedings.

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Dealing with Children and Vulnerable individuals

Working to ensure that children are safeguarded is demanding and requires sound professional judgments to be made. It may also be distressing and stressful for the professionals involved.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 states;

‘Effective professional supervision can play a critical role in ensuring a clear focus on a child’s welfare. Supervision should support professionals to reflect critically on the impact of their decisions on the child and their family’

Our Safeguarding consultants are trained in supervision.  Supervision can take many forms depending on the needs of an individual.  This is direct work done on a one-to-one basis.

  • Review of a particular incident and how the matter was dealt with (reflective practice)
  • Emotional support after a difficult case (reframing)
  • Effective safeguarding supervision reduces risk to children and young people while identifying their needs. Safeguarding supervision also helps front-line practitioners to provide high-quality care, risk analyses and individual action plans.

We can also provide pastoral support to children and provide the following services;

  • Exploring children’s memories of events.
  • Helping children to process traumatic experiences.
  • Helping children move into another family.
  • Undertaking life story work.
  • Helping with social aspects of the child’s life.

What is a post-incident review?

After an incident, creating “Lessons Learned” is an effective way to improve emergency response planning and procedures. By conducting a post-incident critique with employees and responders, managers can evaluate the effectiveness of the response and identify areas that need improvement.

Why is a post-incident review so important?

It is important to establish the right focus and tone for the review meeting to keep the conversation constructive and produce effective continuous improvement ideas. The purpose of doing these reviews is to improve the process for future incidents. Our consultants can guide staff as a group, to reflect on an incident to promote critical thinking around best practice and safeguarding.

Policy and Procedure Reviews

It is important that an organisation’s policies and procedures are not only compliant with statutory and regulatory guidance, but also contextual safeguarding is part of your policies.

The legislation now references contextual safeguarding and asks organisations to consider safeguarding risks beyond the organisation and family when creating their child protection policies.

Our Safeguarding Team can develop your policies, tailoring them to your specific organisation, demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding.

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Safeguarding Subscription

Keys to Safeguarding is our safeguarding CPD platform that supports schools and organisations in creating a safe environment through effective safeguarding. Our consultancy services, training and CPD accredited courses help you to create a culture of care, professionalism and trust in your organisation.

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