EdEntry - A secure entry system

EdEntry is our intelligent touchscreen entry system built specifically for the education sector. EdEntry is designed with safeguarding in mind, it is also fully customisable to cater for your specific needs. The EdEntry system tracks visits, logs safeguarding agreements and documents visitor feedback. It is built to cope with high visitor usage and stores all information so it can be retrieved at any time.

For Parents 

From the moment your parents, carers and guardians enter your organisation, the EdEntry system works for you, documenting their visit from start to finish. Not only can the system be fully branded with your identity, but the usability and customer journey that they will experience is second to none. The EdEntry system will also reinforce confidence that your organisation promotes and is compliant with the latest safeguarding practices. Visitors will have the option (and will be encouraged) to watch your safeguarding video before they log in. They will also be required to acknowledge your safeguarding statements, which can be set and administered by you at any time. The safeguarding agreement is also saved against their visitor log.  Visitors will be able to view school news in real time, find out about the latest events and see who is who with the customisable staff profiles. 

Information about the school, exit points and all relevant material can also be included in the EdEntry system. Upon completion the visitor's personal information is stored, their photo is taken and they are provided with a self-adhesive identity badge for them to wear.  When a visitor logs out, they are presented with a questionnaire about their experience. The feedback is stored along with their information and can be further used for internal improvement. They will also have the opportunity to report manually anything they have seen that they wish to communicate, such as ‘There is a light bulb out in the corridor outside classroom C.’ 

Members of Staff and Organisation Employees 

The EdEntry system can also be used to track employee attendance. It is compatible with swipe card or manual punch entry. We are also currently integrating fingerprint and retina scan technology. Once a member of staff has logged in, he/she will be presented with a personal daily dashboard that integrates with their personal schoo ldiary:

Welcome Mr Smith - today you have 2 appointments at 1pm and 3pm.

The system will also track and log staff working hours if required and store the data on the back end of the system.

Regular Visitors  If your organisation has regular visitors who are not parents or members of staff - such as governors, the EdEntry system can be confgured to store regular visitors' details instead of them filling in the Visitor Log each time. 

Key Features

  • Customisable interface
  • Personalised welcome dashboard for staff
  • Safeguarding compliance agreements for visitors
  • Comprehensive visitor log
  • Live school news feed
  • Evacuation module
  • Customisable visitor feedback questionnaire


In the event of an emergency or drill, the EdEntry system has an in-built evacuate module. This can be administered on the touch screen itself by a member of staff with administrative access, or from any computer via the online admin area of the system. Once activated, the system pulls down all active visitor and staff logs which can be accessed on a mobile smart device away from the premises. This feature was integrated after research showed that many organisations still have to print off the visitor log manually - this posed the question ‘What if the print room was on fire?’ With optional MIS integration, the EdEntry system can also access logs for all students that are on site at the time of evacuation, again pulled down to a mobile smart device, allowing maximum time to clear your building and run a name check for everyone at your designated evacuation points. 

The EdEntry system is fully editable by anyone who has the relevant access privileges. These again are dictated by the organisation, usually a Headteacher, a Health and Safety Officer or a senior member of staff.

A multi-language version of the EdEntry system is also available.

The EdEntry system can also be used on an individual or multi-academy organisation basis. The academy option allows a master central control centre to monitor and administer changes across all schools, whereas the individual schools themselves will only have access to their own school system. The EdEntry system is compatible with most touchscreen hardware which we can provide as part of the installation. These range from mounted screens and smart tablets to bespoke stand-alone solutions and height-adjustable 65” displays.

Minimum system requirements are available upon request, should you wish to purchase and install the hardware yourself.