Schools, academies, local authorities and Multi Academies can access any of our content, curriculum, reporting, support, teaching, assessment, gap analysis and safeguarding aspects within our EDClass platform. These can be tailor - made for your learners to match your policies and procedures.

Our curriculum enables on demand, live and structured teaching sessions with additional lessons that can match your schemes of work.

Our curriculum

Your learners can access and use our flexible learning content that enables any learner to have instant access with safe and secure support.


You can personalise your assessment approach for each individual, cohort or target group to your establishment policies. Our bespoke approach is one of our best features and we can match all of your online testing, tracking and assessment needs within EDClass.

From this you gain a clear insight into where each student is at, the feedback that will benefit each student the most and the action plan, objectives, lessons and milestones needed to give every opportunity to fulfil their potential.  We have extensive checks and quality assurance in place to help any learner within your educational establishment or individual wanting to access EDClass at home.


We are proud to offer a comprehensive remote education platform that helps address a range of whole school issues to help deliver a high quality and unique, safe and secure learning experience for all learners.  We can help your establishment with the following...


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