Secondary Schools

EDClass has been successfully implemented in secondary schools across the country to teach and support hard-to-reach students. 

We have over a decade of experience delivering remote education to secondary schools across the country, enabling students to learn from our qualified and experienced teachers. Our teachers are recorded delivering topics and series of lessons to build a pathway of learning that is individualised and flexible. Students complete the series of lessons with further interactive e-learning lessons and other resources as part of the topic and pathways. We provide access to exams, mocks, quizzes and questions as part of the series of lessons to assess, test and monitor their knowledge, understanding and progress.  This is then further strengthened by live teaching sessions for personalised learning on subjects to address the gaps in knowledge and challenge all students.

There is a virtual library of over 1000+ pre-recorded video lessons delivered by our teachers already for learners to access and view on demand. The EDClass system comprises over 12,000 interactive and supported lessons ready and waiting to be accessed in subjects such as English,  maths and science.

We have a range of teachers, support and well-being workers to assist learners in all aspects when they are remotely learning live, on-demand or independently. Our safeguarding and flexibility of teaching and support is unique for remote education. All our teachers are UK qualified, experienced and trained. Marking, feedback and monitoring is also the responsibility of our staff.