12000+ pre recorded lessons and resources

EDClass enables your school or MAT to have instant access to over 12,000 quality, pre-recorded lessons, along with supporting lessons, tests, exams, quizzes and assessment. Alongside these, EDClass can impact teaching and learning by allowing your students instant access to blended live and on-demand lessons with simultaneous monitoring of learner’s progress. It alerts our teaching, safeguarding leads and support staff of any deviation from the schedule or safeguarding issue in the learning plan and day to day issues which prompts swift intervention to address any emerging problems or difficulties. 

Our quality assurance and safeguarding team monitor this and various statistics and also routinely collect feedback from all stakeholders. We tailor each learner’s programme of learning and provide the flexibility they need to achieve their personal development and learning goals. This requires an accurate assessment of each learner’s starting point, preferred learning style, prior learning, comprehension, skills, motivation and barriers to learning. This is confirmed by using robust electronic skills scans, initial and diagnostic assessments and questionnaires within EDClass which we often repeat throughout the programmes to demonstrate distance travelled and the impact of the recovery programme. Designated staff are prepared to support and implement the relevant learning as we work in partnership with learners, schools, SLT and parents to ensure that learner support and assistance is applied, timetabled and monitored. Where appropriate reasonable adjustments are made to the learning plan to accommodate any learner, any where with any requirement. 

In-learning assessments throughout the programme allow learners and staff to clearly see the distance travelled and evolving strengths, along with any weaknesses to be addressed and amended. We also track our learner destinations to ensure the desired outcomes and stretching targets are achieved and continue to provide personalised learning after their programme has ended. 

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The learning journey we provide is designed to be readily available, flexible, engaging, innovative, blended, contextualised and worthwhile because they directly align with your curriculum and plans. Also to ensure these opportunities are known, we encourage our staff to support our learners, parents and SLT by providing timetabled, on demand or live teaching, tutoring or personalised learning sessions.

Below are some of our tutors and teachers showing the on demand lessons.  You can buy tutor time for one to one or small group sessions available.

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English resources, content, teachers / tutors on demand, live and timetabled sessions:

Maths resources, content, teachers / tutors on demand, live and timetabled sessions:


Science resources, content, teachers / tutors on demand, live and timetabled sessions:


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Our academic e-learning content ideal for your curriculum, diagnostic tests, exams and online teaching support can be timetabled for the following subjects with the touch of a button:

  • Core subjects 
  • GCSE English Literature 
  • GCSE English Language 
  • GCSE Maths 
  • iGCSEs available 
  • Functional Skills in English and Maths

We have Oxford University Press e-books available within our lessons in combination with our support staff and teaching staff that are online ready to aid you with any queries or obstacles in the way of attaining certain qualifications.

All our lessons have:

  • Learning resources with objectives / plenaries
  • Lessons with innovative content
  • Video lessons via recording teachers
  • Scenario tasks
  • Questions
  • Games and puzzles
  • Tests and exams which progressively challenge all users

You can also add your teaching tools into the platform to add extra content.

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The assessment and monitoring is unique and our assessment for learning is supported through interactive, multimedia rich e-learning content including:

  • Scenario based questions
  • Situational based questions
  • Multiple choice questions 
  • Drag and drop puzzles 
  • Word searches 
  • Word jumbles 
  • Jigsaws 
  • Literacy and numeracy puzzles 
  • Videos 
  • Quizzes

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All learners can book one to one, group or cohort sessions online. There is a face-to-face chat, text and speech communication available which alongside the screen is recorded and saved for safeguarding and safety. Our online support tutors and teachers are available to suit your child's or learners needs:

  • deliver live tutor sessions
  • support the learners with their lessons
  • supervise ad-hoc drop-in sessions for learning and studying independently
  • teach scheduled, timetabled sessions for key topics, issues and themes
  • work through demonstrations and presentations
  • answer questions and hold discussions with numerous learners

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Please call us on 01909 568 338 for more information and a free demo and get your cohorts, students and children learning on within 24 working hours.