A subscription to EDClass allows you and your learners to be able to instantly access:

Learning content: There is a virtual library of over 1500+ on demand pre-recorded lessons and pathways delivered by our teachers already for learners to access. The EDClass system comprises over 12,000 interactive and supported lessons ready and waiting to be accessed in subjects such as English, Maths, Science and other core areas, for Key Stage 2, Keys Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. 

Pathways: Any learner can login and start learning independently or follow a structured pathway or timetable that matches the curriculum and schemes of work. 

Teaching: The different levels of subscription allows face-to-face teaching and interaction via secure video conferencing, screen sharing and scenario based learning tasks that are within timetabled, live or on demand sessions whether it is our teachers or your establishment. 

Whole school purposes: Use the collaboration platform for a range of uses such as catch up, target / focus groups, homework. Any learner can progress at their optimum achievable rate with live teaching and support via our remote education package. 

Support, assistance and safeguarding: You can select how much support, safeguarding and teaching a learner receives via our secure text based, video, and audio communications. This can be in face to face, verbal chat or written chat with live and secure streams on or off to match safeguarding, attendance and policies.

Assessment and gap analysis: Identify the gaps in knowledge to personalise and challenge all learners whilst accessing our assessment, exams, baseline and diagnostics tests.

These are the different EDClass subscriptions available for: 

Schools and Academies subscriptionMulti Academy Trust subscriptionsLocal Authority subscriptionsInternational Schools subscriptionsParents and Individual subscriptions

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We hope you can see how unique our platform is and the aspects it can offer your learners. 

For more information please call 01909 568 338.